Emergence: Section One, Jim and Kathy; Part Five, Endings, Collected Chapters


Endings; Part Five,

Chapter One: Notice

Pt. 05, Ch. 01

Kathy knew she would never see Jim again. She knew it before she got the call informing her that his body was found.



Endings; Part Five,

Chapter Two: Anonymous

Pt. 05, Ch. 02

Jim did not carry ID. There was nothing on his phone that said who he was; only record of the call he made to Kathy.



Endings; Part Five,

Chapter Three: Autopsy

Pt. 05, Ch. 03

The pathologist told her the cause of death; a stroke. An embolism burst in his brain.

“Why am I here;” she wondered.



Endings; Part Five,

Chapter Four: Family

Pt. 05, Ch. 04

Jim was more mysterious in death, than life. Kathy was fascinated; except suddenly she was responsible for his body.



Endings; Part Five,

Chapter Five: Finding

Pt. 05, Ch. 05

It took time, and some detective work. They located Jim’s residence, and a judge gave Kathy access to the apartment.



Endings; Part Five,

Chapter Six: De Ja Vu

Pt. 05, Pt. 06

Kathy had never been to Jim’s home, and he had never moved. It was exactly as she had visualized it; scant and bare.



Endings; Part Five,

Chapter Seven: Memory


Pt. 05, Ch. 07

Kathy remembered everything, her recall was perfect. Standing in Jim’s home, she knew he had lied about many things.




Section One, Jim and Kathy

Part Five, Endings;

Collected Chapters

Section 01, Jim and Kathy

Part 05, Endings


01 Notice

02 Anonymous

03 Autopsy

04 Family

05 Finding

06 De Ja Vu

07 Memory






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