Emergence: Section Six, The Empire; Part Thirty-seven, Bureaucrat, Collected Chapters


Bureaucrat; Part Thirty-seven,

Chapter One: Gatekeeper

Pt. 37, Ch. 01

He was an image of hope to the people, an example of a life rewarded after incredible suffering; symbol of re-birth.



Bureaucrat; Part Thirty-seven,

Chapter Two: Desk Jockey

Pt. 37, Ch. 02

He was celebrated by both the Empire, and Continuum; as he moved from the lowest order into a position of authority.



Bureaucrat; Part Thirty-seven,

Chapter Three: Pencil Pusher

Pt. 37, Ch. 03

From doorman to receptionist, to stenographer; his celebrity made him in demand. He rose up the hierarchy mindfully.



Bureaucrat; Part Thirty-seven,

Chapter Four: File Clerk  

Pt. 37, Ch. 04

At his yearly reviews he was raised up, given more freedom. He relished it. He continued to look beyond his station.



Bureaucrat; Part Thirty-seven,

Chapter Five: Monitor

Pt. 37, Ch. 05

The Empire required controls at every level. In time he rose to a position of reporting on a wide range of activity.



Bureaucrat; Part Thirty-seven,

Chapter Six: Quality Assurance  

Pt.37, Pt.06

Observe, report, ensure that the work of government is carried out efficiently; he never once dropped his diligence.



Bureaucrat; Part Thirty-seven,

Chapter Seven: Supervisor


Pt.37, Ch.07

He became a chief administrator. There was no place left for him to rise, so they drafted him into military service.



Section Six, The Empire

Bureaucrat; Part Thirty-seven

Collected Chapters

Section 06, The Empire

Part 37, Bureaucrat


01 Gatekeeper

02 Desk Jockey

03 Pencil Pusher

04 File Clerk

05 Monitor

06 Quality Assurance

07 Supervisor






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