Observation – May 3rd, 2018, Thursday


Spring came and it is warm in the house
The hum of the fan mutes the sound of the TV
Of traffic, of Kitty purring, of my lady sleeping
Breathing, in the early morning, minutes from rising

The dark is just beginning to break outside the window
The faintest blue line is stretching across the horizon
Tree bud are popping, the Earth is respiring
Beneath a soft blanket of dew


Emergence 3.0 – Section Three, Earth; Part Seventeen, Volcano; Chapter Four, The Warnings

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 123, Thursday
May 3rd, 2018

Chapter Four: The Warnings

The scientists, and their cadres of college students whose job it was to watch the monster volcano, they inevitably became inured to the subtle changes they recorded. They monitored the changes in a way that was reminiscent of watching a person’s hair grow. While they gathered data they had no means of correlating them to actual events.

As sweeping as the observations they made were, which were as comprehensive as was technologically possible, the data they gathered had no predictive value, because every day was a new day in a completely unknown experience.

There was a deformation of the dome, over hundreds of square miles, there were earthquakes, boiling water in lakes and streams; something big growing below the surface, and they were for the most part, un-phased by it.

There were occasions when activity would spike so sharply that it seemed as if the moment had come, but, after reliving those cycles dozens of times, even the occasional spike became a relatively commonplace event.

Doomsday cults sprang up around the world predicting the imminent end of life on Earth, pointing to the volcano as the instrument of God’s wrath, God’s judgement, the coming of Ragnorak, the return of Kali.

They were not wrong, insofar as the myths of Ragnorak and Kali originated with the last great eruption, but of course there was nothing personal about these events. It was just geology, there was no divine wrath or judgement at all.

The doomsayers, spoke to something that everyone knew was true. Every person alive carried the memory of the last event deep within them, and their fears about future catastrophes resonated in the cynergenic field. The collective consciousness of the human race knew that something was happening. It was disturbed, but it did not know by what.

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