Fenris Wolf

The gathering void
Sophistry and dark whispers
Thought without action

A habit of mind
The echoes of ideas
The essential me

Madness prevailing
A heartless wind is blowing
Law without justice

The relentless chase
Realized, and never fulfilled
The wolf my Id

Ragnorak begins
Roll-up the world like a blanket
Un-roll it, new

Elusive monster
Insane, howling for the kill
Fenris Wolf, demanding

Seeing everything
Your jaws crush complacency
The howl of triumph


Emergence 3.0 – Section Three, Earth; Part Eighteen, Disaster; Chapter Two, Lift

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 128, Tuesday
May 8th, 2018

Chapter Two: Lift

The scientists of Earth only noticed the volcanic activity when the mountains surrounding Yellowstone Park began to lift.

They noticed a change of several centimeters over hundreds of square of miles of mountain range, between newly conducted surveys, and the surveys that had been taken a hundred years earlier.

At first they thought that there must have been a problem with the original surveil. But they ruled out that possibility in short order. The science of surveying was well established a hundred years before, even the equipment that a person would use to make those calculations had not changed much in the intervening decades. And the math was the math.

It took the best geologists among them years to figure it out, that the changes were actually caused by geological uplift. The understanding of what that meant, its implications, took even more years to complete. They had to change their perspective significantly, they had to look at the area of uplift with satellite imagery and that is when they noticed that the entire Yellowstone park was a massive volcano.

Even then, they did not know how significant the problem was.

Geologists from across the country began to study the park in minute detail. Looking at every strata of rock they could see exposed in the surfaces of the surrounding mountains, measuring, and re-measuring, and through that discovering the long cycles between eruptions of this killer volcano.

A seven-hundred thousand year cycle, and a cycle of planetary doom.

They discovered other such volcanos around the world. They discovered the volcano in Indonesia that last erupted seventy-four thousand years ago.

The Earth’s volcanologists, climatologists, and geophysicists weighed in. It was a small cabal of people. They correlated data from arctic ice core samples, soil samples, tree ring samples. They began to understand just how devastating an eruption of a volcano this size could be.

They were just beginning to understand it.

They were hoping it would not erupt in their lifetime.

Those hopes were in vain.

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