Fear, Anger, Hate, and Violence – Part II

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion


There was another school shooting yesterday.

In Santa Fe, Texas, a teenage boy with a shotgun and a revolver, guns he had taken from his dad, went to his school and killed ten people, his classmates, and others. He wounded ten more, including the police officer who attempted to confront him, now lying critically injured, in the hospital.

People are saying he was bullied by his classmates and coaches, offering that as an excuse.

Maybe he was.

He is also a wannabe Nazi, NRA supporting, Trump trumpeter; his online profile was filled with hateful propaganda. He coldly murdered ten people, and wounded ten more.

He is a white-boy, a mass murderer, and they took him alive.

Fear and anger, hate and violence, they found a place in this boy’s heart.

Maybe he was bullied, that does not explain his crimes.

I was bullied as a boy. Millions of kids are bullied, who do not become bullies themselves, or murderers.

The seeds of hate were planted in his heart, they were nurtured with fear and anger until they blossomed in a horrific act of violence.

Another common flower growing in our community garden, its bright petal grabbing our attention for a moment, before they drop, and recede like an ordinary weed, soon to be forgotten.

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