Emergence 3.0 – Section Three, Earth; Part Twenty, Collective; Chapter Seven, Nation

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 147, Sunday
May 27th, 2018

Chapter Seven: Nation

Common language, common custom, rituals and religion all conspired to tie people together, just as ligaments connect bone and muscles in the joints of the body. Shared experiences are the connective tissue of human culture.

There are extrinsic and intrinsic movements with the ritual framework. Well executed rituals engage all of the senses.

The best rituals go beyond the physical structure of the world, and join the participant to the inner sanctum of their memories, recalling the ancestral rhythms that move them.

When a ritual is serving its purpose it points the individual to a place beyond themselves, and crates in that person the sense that they are being pulled, or drawn, or called in that direction.

Proper ritual juxtaposes the past and the future, it holds the ancestral memory in tension with future expectation.

When the rites are well executed it creates a space in which the whole community is moved into contact with the cynergenic field. They enter the nous sphere, and they become one.

These are the essential building blocks of group identity and with their perfection came the ability pull all the disparate parts of human culture together.

Nations were formed out of states, building on the foundations of security and prosperity for the people.

The old allegiances of family, tribe, and clan were shifting ever-outward, away from people, into the world of ideas.

The fundamental buildings blocks of human identity were changing. Their National identity transcended their sense of themselves as a member of a family, and even as an individual.

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