The Greatest of All Time

Muhammed Ali
Floated away from the world
Two years ago, gone

Muhammed Ali
The greatest of all time, with
The world in his hands

Muhammed Ali
The greatest of all time, lives
In stories and song

I woke in the night
I heard the news he had passed
Listened and cried for

Muhammed Ali
The greatest of all time, had
Died, as all men do

Of all the heroes
I ever fell for, Ali
Was truly alive

One that I prayed for
I hoped could make a difference
A change in our time.

Muhammed Ali
Spoke to the heart, for justice
Of freedom, for love

Muhammed Ali
Spoke as he fought, told the truth
In rhythms that soared

A light for the world
He dazzled with words that hurt
He floated and he stung

Like the butterfly
The bee, symbols of his name
Muhammed Ali


Fighting the powers
A prophet in our time, he
Praised as he scolded


Sharp tongued in youth, A
Silent witness in old age
Commanding the stage

I remember when
That day in 1980
I heard he had lost

Ali lost the fight
He would never rise again!
A hero was down

Murmurs in the halls
Ali, was not the greatest?
The world made no sense
Muhammed Ali
Gave my generation leave
We could be ourselves

Be bold, and brag, be
Good, do right, to question things
And exemplify
The light

Muhammed Ali
Challenged authority, shunned
War, and violence

He taught us to risk
What we desired most, in life
To give up titles

To give up money
Fame, he let them go, for us
For what mattered most

Muhammed Ali
Taught us to serve truth, to seek
Justice, and do good

Muhammed Ali
Handcuffed lightning, jailed thunder
He was a blessing
To us all

Muhammed Ali
Never forgotten, he rose
Like the sun, a star


Revised 2018.06.04

Revised 2017.06.04

Given First (as an essay) – 2016.06.04

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