Emergence 3.0 – Interlude, Collected Parts; Part Three, Defense

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In Page Per Day
Day 157, Wednesday
June 6th, 2018

Interlude: Part Three – Defense

Within the Collective, those members who had formerly been assigned to the Observer Corps, those individuals with experience in the real world, those who were closest to the Empire, they kept some composure during the catastrophe.

They were a kind of bulwark against the onrush of chaos. They offered a fixed position in the maelstrom.

The Observers reached out to one another, drew close to one another, and for a moment they felt as if they would survive the onslaught.

They were wrong.

Other members flocked to them, clung to them, sought refuge behind their calm and steady influence.

The Observers held themselves together for a length of time. They did everything in their power to stabilize those nearest to them. They formed a critical mass, marshaling what forces they had.

It was significant.

They began to reverse the flow of energy and consciousness all around them.

They moved toward the center of the Collective. Their intention was to occupy and hold it.

It was a trap.

There was no other center, none other than Jim.

The place they sought to occupy was itself moving into the field of oblivion.

The Observers drew the strongest among themselves together in a fool’s gambit. They were encouraged by their growing strength, the steadiness they affected, and their resolve.

They never realized they were heading toward dissolution.

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