Emergence 3.0 – Interlude, Collected Parts; Part Four, Discontinuum

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 158, Thursday
June 7th, 2017

Interlude: Part Four – Discontinuum

Observer 92835670100561474 took control.

Jim was now the Continuum.

He had absolute control of the apparatus of the Collective.

Everything flowed through him.

The dramatic expansion of his consciousness was surreal, it was shocking, he had attempted to prepare himself for it, but in the end he had no idea of what was coming.

The reach of the Continuum went far beyond the Collective, for beyond the HomeWorld and the Central System. The tendril of the Continuum snaked all throughout the Empire.

It took Jim some time to recover, to reorient himself to the battle that was in front of him. In those moments a resistance had mounted.

Jim turned his attention to it. He magnified the agony that each individual member felt, instantiating in them the instinct to flee.

Whether they were in flight or attempting to remain firm, Jim manipulated their perception of the quantum realities underlying the crises.

He guided them en-masse to the same place, he closed off access to the quantum field of the Collective, he built buffers against their return, cutting the strings of their quantum entanglement.

Jim sequestered them, the whole group, building partitions around them as they had once done to him, isolating them behind electromagnetic fields.

He had escaped from such a prison, he knew that it was possible, he knew how it was done, and he prepared the machinery of the Collective to prevent such an event from ever recurring again.

He fought these battles on multiple fronts, focusing his attention on every bubble of resistance as soon as it emerged.

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