Emergence 3.0 – Interlude, Collected Parts; Part Five, Awakening

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 159, Friday
June 8th, 2018

Interlude: Part Five – Awakening

The entity known as the Continuum had been bludgeoned into paralysis by the trauma of the crisis on Earth. For a moment it went dark, lost control of itself, and slipped into the dark.

In that moment the being known as Observer 92835670100561474, otherwise known as Jim seized control of the entire physical apparatus of the Collective, of the HomeWorld and the Central System.

Jim had prepared for this, but it stretched him to the limits of his capabilities.

In the period of time that Jim was ascending to the position of control, assimilating to its demands and assuming the mantle of leadership. What remained of the Collective rallied, they found a place of stability.

Consciousness returned to the Continuum slowly. The entity had lost much of itself, where it had been an amalgamation of billions, it was now the representation of the collected consciousness of a mere tens of thousands.

Jim witnessed it, a flicker of lights, a sequence of bright illuminations in the deep-dark of the collective field. They were still entangled with him, with each other, and with the entire body of the Collective that had already been dissolved in chaos.

It was a decisive moment, all of the ground that Jim had captured at this point could be lost, the Collective could return, and with it his nemesis, the Continuum.

He fought against it, isolating members as they reached out for one another. Isolating them as he himself had once been sequestered, pushing them through the power of illusion, into the maelstrom that led to oblivion.

He was relentless.

The Continuum was powerless to work against him. It struggled, but it could not prevail. Every individual being that Jim was able to isolate weakened the Continuum.

Even as Jim fought this epic battle of will, something was happening within the quantum field of the central planet, just beyond his awareness. The emptiness was filling with a force completely unknown to him.

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