Emergence 3.0 – Interlude, Collected Parts; Part Six, Individuation

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 160, Saturday
June 9th, 2018

Prolog: Part Six – Individuation

A feeling that had long been forgotten rose within what remained of the Collective and its group mind.

The chaos that had ensued in the first moments of the impact from the crises on Earth, when it hit it happened so fast that the membership of the Collective had little chance to reflect on the events that were transpiring.

For those who survived the first wave, the strongest of feelings began to mount, they were shared by the whole. The feeling came from a place deep within them. It was a response to the agony it was experiencing.

The Collective felt an instinct to seek a place of safety, to flee.

For age upon age, both the Collective and its members, and the Continuum had dwelt within their fabricated worlds, existing in their imagination, or vicariously through the experiences of the living worlds.

They were Godlike and immortal, they had few limitations. Their only concern was boredom and malaise.

What the remaining members of the Collective felt now was sheer terror, they had no practice with the management of it. They had seen it in the millions of people they had watched being tortured and torn to shreds for their own amusement. But it had been billions of years since they had the direct experience of fear for themselves.

What the Collective felt now, they experienced as an existential threat. It had the force of impending doom.

Each individual sensed the specter of death looming over them, death, the thought of which had been unimaginable. It was the such a remote and distant concern that they had no place within themselves to set aside their fear of it.

Every semblance of unity collapsed. The bonds they had formed as their final defense against Jim, broke apart.

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