Emergence 3.0 – Interlude, Collected Parts; Part Seven, Schizophrenia

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 161, Sunday
June 10th, 2018

Prolog: Part Seven – Schizophrenia

The Collective collapsed, it was lost, and with it the Continuum.

The primal forces that had shaped a society of sentience that spread throughout the galaxy, it imploded.

It were gone.

Those few members of the Collective who were able to retain their sense of self, they retreated from everything, seeking refuge in the comfort of isolation. They went looking for access to their private realities.

They found themselves alone, in the cold and dark.

Jim had directed all of the energy of the HomeWorld toward breaking up the bindings of consciousness that united them, preventing them from acting in anything that resembled unity.

As soon as they realized that coherent action was impossible, they fled. They sought to put as much distance between themselves and any other being as possible.

As individuals, they erected mental barriers to shield themselves from the faint din of voices that represented the last vestiges of the Collective, each of them became a quantum singularity in the field of consciousness.

It was relatively easy for Jim to lure them into a structure with the promise of safety and relief which they expected to find in their private world’s, and sequester them there.

Those who could not do this dissolved in chaos.

It required incredible powers of concentration to manage the physical structures of the HomeWorld’s energy systems, at the same time as he was scrubbing the quantum matrix of the Collective.

He was engaged in the greatest act of genocide that had ever been conceived.

He scrubbed and he swept and he pushed every minute echo of what had been the Collective into storage vehicles that were physically isolated from the cynergenic field of the HomeWorld, then he launched those vehicles into space, where they would travel until they found there final destination in the dense-dark-heart of a Black Hole.

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