Emergence 3.0 – Section Four, Kathy; Part Twenty-three, Prodigy; Chapter One, A Funny Child

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 169, Monday
June 18th, 2018

Chapter One: A Funny Child

Kathy loved jokes. Humor was a relief. Comedy was the art of the unexpected, and the surprise. Kathy loved it when she could suspend disbelief for a moment and allow herself to be taken at unawares.

It was a departure from her normal mode of being.

Her laughter was the first unusual thing that her parents noticed about her, a trait which distinguished her from other children.

Her laughter alerted them to the fact that she was different, because it was different, it was mature, knowing, it seemed to come from a place beyond the tiny physical body of an infant.

Even as an baby she picked up on the punch lines, understanding the spoken words, the inferences that were made. She understood these exchanges months before she had learned to speak.

It was unnerving to anybody who witnessed it, therefore her sense of humor became one of the first expressive traits that Kathy learned to conceal.

Concealing her sense of humor from others was an act of social alienation, and self-abnegation.

Laughter, like crying, is a free an open way of communicating, it is non-verbal and honest.

The laughing person is vulnerable, and Kathy had to learn to hide that vulnerability, withdrawing inside herself, to share her mirth with her ancestors only, and the other ghosts lingering in the world.

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