Emergence 3.0 – Section Four, Kathy; Part Twenty-four, Adolescence; Chapter One, Anger

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 176, Monday
June 25th, 2018

Chapter One: Anger

Kathy was angry all the time.

She was angry with herself, she was angry with her teachers and handlers, she was angry with the voices of her ancestors that tried to soothe her from within, and she was angry at the presence of those persons she encountered in the cynergenic field, who were always seeking to intrude on her thoughts.

Kathy understood the things she was going through, the physical transformations of adolescence, but like much of her knowledge, her comprehension of it was abstract. It was disconnected from her actual experience.

Understanding had little power to quell the rank emotions rising within her body, the chemical miasma fuming within her which every youth experiences.

In the abstract she understood what was happening, she regularly employed the techniques her ancestors had taught her, so that she could control herself and reduce the burden she placed on others.

Though she regularly did this, she did not always do it, and when the mood struck her she would lash out at the people who were closest to her.

She might invade their psyche, steal their secrets, expose their fears, and brutalize them

She was not pleasant to be around, her proctors teachers, and handlers approached her with caution.

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