Stepping onto the train platform, he lights a cigarette
The hustle of the crowd confuses him

Palm to his forehead, he feel it, the cool-clammy
Perspiration, sweating

The advent of shock
Heart pounding-quickening pulse

He steps into the crowd of people, lost and consumed
Steaming bodies rock him

Tobacco smoke in the air makes him sick
Stomach fluttering

The platform becomes
A maze, a large man curses
“Pay attention you…!”

Fuck, the load voice barely registers above the din
Terrified and alien

His stomach rebels, vomit spills past closing lips
Clasping fingers

The crowd vanishes
Parting from his path, he is
Ushered to the train

Emergence 3.0 – Section Four, Kathy; Part Twenty-five, Abnormal; Chapter Two, Testing

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 184, Tuesday
July 4th, 2017

Chapter Two: Testing

Every tutor Kathy’s parents brought in to teach her manifested predictable and disturbing patterns. Tutors, psychologists, scholars, her parents contracted with people inside and outside of the educational system; scientists, doctors, specialists in human behavior.

They exhausted their resources doing it.

Without exception the behaviors and interactions that each of them had with Kathy filled her parents with dread, and Kathy with a cynical unease.

At first they were delighted. Would be welcoming in their initial encounters, and she would tease them with the things they wanted to know.

They would come back to Kathy’s parents at the end of the day, glassy eyed, and wondering at the genius of their child, going on and on about her potential, and her unique gifts

As the days went on they became fearful, scared. Those same gifts that had delighted them just days earlier, unnerved them with continuing exposure.

If Kathy wanted to get rid of them, she would attack them. She would misuse her psychic gifts by exploiting their fears and weaknesses, by exposing their deepest secrets.

This drove most of them away.

Those who stayed did so either because they were stalwart characters, or because they were shameless, seeing in Kathy someone who they could build a career on.

They tested her, and wrote about her.

The shameless sought to use her for their own benefit, believing she would be a source of fame and wealth.

The altruistic among them were convinced that the fate of the world hinged on learning her secrets.

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