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I am thinking of home today. Of what it means to have one, especially for those who do not.

I was with my good friend yesterday, who, at the age of fifty-three closed on his first home, in the Seward neighborhood, which he loves, on a block that he loves, exactly where he wanted to live after having had art studio close to it a couple of years ago.

We live in a safe city with good schools and markets, great restaurants and plenty of things to do.

He is close to the river, a couple of blocks from the mighty Mississippi, where it divides Minneapolis from Saint Paul.

He has a home now, a place to keep his family safe.

I was on the market just a year ago, looking to sell one place and buy another with my lady, to acquire a safe place that would be ours, together, with all of the rights that belong to a homeowner.

The prospect of not having that place was unsettling, even in a city as safe as Minneapolis is.

I am thinking of all the people locked up in detention centers and jails, immigrants, people like my great-grandparents, who gathered up their families and headed for America, to poverty and violence, corrupt governments and gangs, in the hope that they could raise their families in a safe place and call it home.

They may not share our language, but they do share our dreams. They have the same desire to see their children flourish as all people do, to receive an education, to have a career, to raise children of their own.

They want to live in a society that is governed by laws, not the capriciousness of “strong-men” and juntas. They are courageous, determined and bold.

Perhaps they came to the wrong place, or to this place at the wrong time, America, daughter of Liberty, has lost her mind.

I am thinking of much land we have in this great country of ours, it is mostly empty, and wide open spaces. I am thinking of how, without immigration our population is in decline.

I am thinking of how much we need these strong people to come and live here with us, to blend their strength with ours, build up our neighborhoods, open businesses and stores.

We need more of them, more families to move here and call this place home.

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