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Hurry Up and Wait

Hurry up and wait, I learned that phrase when I was in the Navy, in boot camp, where every day was an exercise in patience, standing in long-lines for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and every other little thing we had to do.

Hurry up and wait.

This is the phrase that guides my feelings about the T-Rump administration, and every single one of the social and cultural disasters that are stemming from it.

Hurry up and wait, it will come to end, but America will be different when it is over, and the world.

Perhaps the change is only superficial, it would be hard to disagree with that, T-Rump just pulled away the veneer, lifted the veil, pulled the curtain to reveal the ugly face of America….but it more than that, he has empowered the vile and the hateful, he has normalized corruption and ignorance, deceit and divisiveness.

It cannot be over soon enough, I am afraid we will never recover.

We needed that veneer of polite society, the veil of political correctness, we needed the ugly face of America to remain hidden behind the curtain.

No-one benefits from our ugly nakedness, not even the ugly.

Allowing the hateful to lavish in their hatred does not help them. It does no-one any good to let the ignorant remain ignorant, we must teach them. We will never stop corruption, but we cannot let it pass.

We must call a lie a lie and never let it stand for truth. It is our duty; as citizens, and patriots, as human beings.

Hurry up and wait, there is an election coming. Go out and vote, vote for people who will stand against this self-indulgent, criminal regime.

We must take our country back!

We want justice, we are going to have to wait for it, but do not lose sight of it. Justice delayed is not justice denied, it is justice delayed,

Justice will catch up with T-Rump and his corrupt administration, with every single one of his enablers in government, in congress, in the courts, and when it does, justice will be had.

Twelve more Russians indicted yesterday, with clear evidence of collusion being presented in the filings, collusion, coordination, and corruption with the Kremlin, by an American president.

Watch out T-Rump, you are gonna be got.

Emergence 3.0 – Section Four, Kathy; Part Twenty-six, Adulthood; Chapter Six, Religion

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 195, Saturday
July 14th, 2018

Chapter Six: Religion

Religious conflicts began to shape the later 20th, and the early 21st centuries. Kathy’s input regarding the origins of these conflicts was invaluable.

Current events had to be understood in their historical contexts. The histories of the tribes moved them long after the members had forgotten the particular details of a broken promise, an injustice, or a blood feud.

Kathy’s ability to pinpoint the specific moments in time that were the antecedents of those tribal conflict was uncanny. If she could not reach the understanding through her own ancestral memories, she could commune with the spirits of the dead, she could pull the insight she needed from the nous-sphere, through the cynergenic field.

Her memory produced volumes of insight for her handlers, but questions along those lines left her deeply disturbed. It caused her to dread the entire human race, the vile antipathy people held toward one another, and how easy it was for the bucolic life of a farmer, or a herdsman to become twisted by greed and to drive them toward the calamities of war.

The human psyche was incredibly easy to manipulate. People were supple, pliable, soft and reducible.

Human beings had a vast capacity for self-delusion, and a profound willingness to be complicit in it.

In the midst of research Kathy often felt the instinct to flee, to run away from everything, to never return.

Just as she had been abandoned by her parents, Kathy wanted to abandon the world.

She desperately wanted to be alone.

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