Guilty – Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion


This week in the national soap opera…

Listen…I am not a lawyer, and this is not a courtroom.

I am just a guy with an opinion.

I am not a news anchor, I do not work for a media outlet, I simply try to put a little thought every week into summarizing my point of view.

In this forum, T-Rump does not have a right to the presumption of innocence, he is obviously guilty as hell.

In this forum what is obvious does not have to be subordinated to some abstract standard of journalistic ethics. Let me tell you, those standards have long since ceased to serve their purpose. Standards of that type have become meaningless in light of the fact that one side of our political spectrum refuses to adhere to any standard of truth, reasonable standards of evidence and proofs, evidence, or scientific inquiry.

We have to just tell it like it is, and here I the thing that is on my mind. I hear the talking heads ask these question all the time, they ask it as if they were simple.

What do you think Russia has on the T-Rump?

Do you think he has been compromised?

What do you think it is?

Here is the answer: Donald Trump conspired with the Russians, with Vladimir Putin, to influence the 2016 election.

Donald Trump is guilty of treason. That is what the Russians have over him, and probably a great deal more embarrassing non-sense, but none of that embarrassing non-sense really matters to T-Rump, he is singularly incapable of embarrassment.

If it were just a matter of them having dirt on him for financial mis-dealings, or tapes of him with prostitutes, T-Rump would not care, neither would his supporters. If that were all there was, he would get himself out from under their thumb, he would let it fly and let come what may.
T-Rump is guilty of treason, he conspired with a foreign power to win the presidency in 2016. Not his sons, not his daughter, not Jared Kushner or other people close to him, though they are all guilty too, of that I am sure. T-Rump himself was involved at the highest level, and that is the dirt that they have on him.

Donald T-Rump is guilty of treason. He has been compromised, before and after, and since the election, he is doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin.

That is what it is.

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