Shattered and frozen
The boy lifts his head, afraid
And submits to loss

Retreating desire
Watching her slip beyond view
Alone and wanting

His quivering lip
Shivers with rejection, pain
Abandoned and lost

Feel it, a cold hand
A hot slap, enlivening
The sinuses sting

Tearful agony
Oblivious to the storm
Contemplation ends

He stands and shuffles
Puts his hands in his pockets
Swallows his grief, and

Emergence 3.0 – Section Five, 92835670100561474; Part Thirty-one, Silence; Chapter Two, Erosion

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 226, Tuesday
August 14th, 2018

Chapter Two: Erosion

His bond to the Collective faded. He was unable to see himself as a part of their society. The Collective, allowed him to slip away.

Only the Continuum tracked his presence among the membership, and for a long period of time it found nothing worrisome about his presence. He was just there, like an itch.

He shared neither their values, nor their desires. The vast majority of the membership of the Collective saw themselves as God’s. They fed this view of themselves in a variety of ways. Either through the absolute ruler-ship of their own private worlds, or through the machinations they choose to employ among the billion worlds of the Galactic Empire.

He was not moved by their fears, or their passions.

He was not vested in anything, he was not attached to outcomes.

He merely watched, and felt, and sought to understand the vicious appetites of the Collective, and the group mind that directed the live of countless people on hundreds of millions of worlds.

He could not fathom it.

There seemed to be no rationale behind the incessant warfare and oppression that persisted among the worlds of time and space.

He experienced a new mode of cognition.

It was new life.

He was awake to himself, but dead to the membership of the Collective. He found everything that the Continuum had built in their name to be an abhorrent miscarriage of its mission.

He became detached, and he slipped away from their awareness.

In that remote place he merely observed, he watched and he waited and let his mind flow into the circuitry of the HomeWorld.

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