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There has been a lot said in the past few days about the anonymous op-ed published in the New York Times, attributed to a senior Trump administration official, talking about the amoral and corrupt character of Donald Trump.

It said he is a danger to the nation, and to the world. That he has no understanding of or regard for the law. It said he is woefully ignorant and worse, that he doesn’t know it and he doesn’t care to know it.

It dished a whole lot of dirt about Donald Trump, dirt that most of the country already knew was true.

I knew he was ignorant, amoral and dangerous even before he announced his candidacy for President of the United States.

How is it that it took so many other people a year and half into his daily displays of completely self-absorbed maleficent-madness to figure this out?

What could any of those people have been thinking when they signed up to serve in his administration? Were they thinking that he wouldn’t be utterly self-serving? When he refused to divest himself of his holdings, were they thinking it was okay that he breach the emoluments clause of the constitution every day, enriching himself and his family everyday with monies from foreign princes and powers for hotel rooms and gold course dues. What have they been thinking ever day that he spends on the golf course, or shut into his room having his “executive time.”

What are any of them thinking?

Donald Trump and his criminal regime represent an existential threat to our democracy and way of life. Not only because of his gross ignorance, or his deep-desire to acquire and hold on to power at any cost. He is a danger to our democracy because seeks to destroy or institutions and norms, whatever they might be if he believes that honoring them will reflect poorly on him, and this is the case every day, every single day he does and says disgraceful things that undermine the dignity of the office.

Every single day he appears to be digging a deeper hole in regards to his penchant to obstruct justice, to use the levers of power that reside with the President to go after his political opponents.
He abuses his power to attack the free markets, free enterprise, the free press, undermining the rule of law, demanding loyalty to himself over and against the constitution.

That is who he is.

How is it that the anonymous author of that op-ed could not see it, well in advance; because he or she and the other people they claim to represent, are just as self-serving as him.

The idea that they are serving the country by operate some kind of “shadow” government is the biggest lie of all.

We only have one president, that man is incapable of fulfilling the duties of his office. Je is guilty of many serious crimes, high crimes and misdemeanors.

He needs to be removed from office.

Emergence 3.0 – Section Five, 92835670100561474; Part Thirty-four, Selected; Chapter Six, The Lost

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 251, Saturday
September 8th, 2018

Chapter Six: The Lost

In his quest to track down the paths of the Ancient spacefarers he found many lines of their progeny on planets that had become nothing but graveyards.

Barren, lifeless worlds, where it was clear that the vessels that had carried them arrived at these locations at a point when they could not go any further.

In some cases their ships were still orbiting a planet as an artificial satellite, in others it was clear they had crashed into the planet below, either because after achieving orbit, their orbits had decayed or because they were not able to successfully pilot themselves into a safe landing.

In some cases they found the bodies of those Ancient people cold and lifeless, mummified in their ships, drifting above the planet’s surface. In other cases they found their skeletal remains burnt and scattered on the surface of the planet neat the sight of impact.

There many occasions when the people had successfully landed, disembarked, established small colonies that thrived for a time, but then were destroyed, either by natural disasters, environmental catastrophes, disease and starvation.

Some of those colonies thrived for a time, establishing new societies, spreading across the surface of their new planets. Many of those succumbed to internal conflicts, the specter of war and violence that haunted their species, and they destroyed themselves.

Among those civilizations that found their footing for a time, some of them continued in the traditions of their forbears, even building new ships and new archologies, which they launched into the galaxy before being lost.

They were people who had vanished from the knowledge of the Collective.

They left records of their passage and clues to where their survivors might yet be found.

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