Mithra grew strong in the earth, cradled in Gaia’s womb
He sprang forth, like a titan in fullness of form

The hero transcending on the back of a bull
A victim made holy for the sake of us all

Milk flowed from the sacred wound, a stream of light
Sweet as honey, it was the nectar of life

Drawn with a whisper, seal in the truth
Holy Spirit, Sophia, all paths lead to you

Mahatma came to serve the poor, the Great One
Born in conflict, amid strife, like Krishna

The cowherd, armed with the shield of
Knowledge, and the sword of wisdom

Milk flowed from your words as the morning light
Showering the rich and the poor alike

You offered a vision of new possibilities
A united humanity without cast or class

We left it smoldering on the altar

Metis, the sands are falling, each grain a parcel of time
Your sons cleave the day from the dark of night

Prometheus, with one eye on the future
Epimetheus, with his sight on the past

The starry-field is lit, glowing white like spilt milk
The planets stars and galaxies, spinning

We dance around the center and bear witness
Pulling at the glittering tails of comets burning

Mary, blessed mother, a comfort to the fallen
Skipping across the moons bright face

I drink from your cup as it turns me to cinders
And a trillion stars raise their voices to you

Milk flowing from your breast to nourish the anointed
Did you know then who he would be?

The world made him a healer and a tyrant, both
The child you birthed in on a bed of straw

Emergence 3.0 – Section Five, 92835670100561474; Part Thirty-five, Discovery; Chapter Two, Origins

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 254, Tuesday
September 11th, 2018

Chapter Two: Origins

Genetic mutations are a normal response to varying conditions of radiation, atmospheric gasses, gravity, available proteins, nutrients, and other environmental factors, all of which differ from world to world.

In his role as an Observer he had sought permission from the Collective to bifurcate his consciousness, allowing him to live two lives at the same time, one as an embodied being leading the team of archeologists, planetologists, and sociologists who were always busy cataloging the recently discovered civilizations, dead or alive, that they were drawing into the Imperial fold. His consciousness was also active and present in the form of a mechanoid, hurtling through the galaxy tracking every lead he could discover to the paths the Children of the Ancients took.

The Continuum had been against this allowance, but once again it was overruled by the Collective, which was fascinated by the work he was doing in uncovering their history.

To a person the Collective was fascinated by the process of discovery, for the wide range of insight and drama that ensued, for the narratives that were unraveled which fueled the stories they constructed for their private worlds.

The Observer followed the tiniest strands of every thread to the last outpost of the Ancient Explorers.

He followed those threads to a small, young, yellow star, in the far reaches of one of the galaxy’s spiral arms, to a little blue green planet that its people came to know as Earth.

Of all the mutations that had been discovered in his sojourn, the mutations that occurred on Earth were the most sublime.

Earth produced something unique emerging from an interaction of the population with its magnetosphere, with the balance of metals, with the tiniest nano-particles fused into the cerebral functions of the human brain, altering the quantum mechanics of the thought process, opening it to new possibilities.

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