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Christopher Columbus was a monster. He sailed across the Atlantic in pursuit of his vanity, of wealth and titles. He sailed across the Atlantic four times and back; he became wealthy, he earned titles, though his vanity was never satisfied.

He was born in obscurity, an Italian from Genoa. As a boy he went to sea where he learned the skills and the knowledge that brought him to a captaincy.

In this he was remarkable, and deserving of respect.

He became an adventurer in the service of the monarchs of Spain; Ferdinand and Isabella. He made his first voyage for them in 1492, as I learned by song, when I was a boy, that Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue.

He set sail on September 6th sighted land in what we now call the Islands of the Bahamas on October 12th. He named the island that he landed on San Salvador, which island this was, is now lost to memory.

He expected to be in Asia, but to his surprise, and to the surprise of everyone back in the Spanish and European courts, there were other continents and other oceans they had yet to traverse in order to get to India.

They still wanted a westward route to India, but they were more than happy to find what they did.

Columbus opened up these new continents and all of their peoples, to the incessant appetites and cruelties of the Europeans, their hunger for gold, and land and war.

Columbus never sailed past the Islands of the Caribbean. He never set foot in what came to be known as the America’s, and his life was not without controversy.

He became wealthy and he earned titles, but he was also arrested, jailed and relieved of his governance, before eventually being released and to a lesser degree redeemed.

Though wealth and titles came to him his vanity was never satisfied.

His heirs did not inherit the titles he had earned, he never entered the true nobility. He died at the age of fifty four, a sailor from Genoa, Admiral of the Ocean Seas.

His coming to the West, was the beginning of the end for countless peoples. Tribes whose names history did not record, peaceful people, who were captured and enslaved, and worked to death which began under the tyranny of Spanish rule.

Columbus was a harbinger of death.

Given 1st – 2018.10.08

Emergence 3.0 – Section Six, The Empire; Part Thirty-nine, Priest; Chapter One, Oblate

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 281, Monday
October 8th, 2018

Chapter One: Oblate

He had been an outsider since the moment he rejected the Empire and entered the rebellion.

The general staff was elated when they were informed that he was ordered to leave military service and enter the priest hood. Regardless of the fact that this was yet again, another transcendent movement between castes.

The Imperial Cult reached down and pulled him up.

It was another unprecedented event for the entire Empire to celebrate; his rise from the status of a rebel, and an outcast, to the most exalted class of being.

His followers throughout the Empire grew by an order of magnitude.

Once again, he started on the lowest rung of the religious orders.

He was an oblate.

He was given the mark of humility.

He was tonsured, as any beginner would be.

In his new position, he had more rank than all of the generals he had formerly served with, though less power.

His home planet became a place of pilgrimage

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