Take Care of Yourself – Editorial, The Week in Review

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Take Care of Yourself
There are three weeks and three days to go before the election, I hope everyone participates.

Did you know that in Australia it is the law that every person has to vote. You get fined if you do not participate. As a result they have about 95% voter participation, and because of this most of their political parties pander to the center, and not to the fringes.

Let me be clear, there is a lot wrong with Australian culture. They are always ready to go to war, they are Eurocentric, they have a long history of committing crimes against indigenous people and minorities, but they also have Universal Health Care, and Universal access to Higher Education and many of the other things we would like to have hear, that would help our democracy function better, take café of the people better,

Voter participation is key to social justice in America. When the political parties know that they will be held accountable by all of us, all of the time, the wing nuts on the fringes will cease to hold the power that they do. Then and only then will we be able to influence public policy, to change its arc back toward justice.

We do not live in Australia, in America only half of the voters vote.

There are three weeks and three days to go before the election. Be mindful of this. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Things may not go the way we want them to.

We have little control over what is going to happen, as individuals we have no say whatsoever, or we have our say, and that is just a drop in the bucket, we may as well try to influence the weather. We can do it if we act as a group, but left to our own devices none of us can do very much.

There are three weeks and three days to go before the election. Even if the electorate manages to deliver a stunning rebuke to T-Rump and the Republicans, it is not likely to change very much. We have to be prepared for that.

We have to vote, we have to do our part, but lately I have been reading the posts and comments left by my friends, little shout-outs expressing their frustration and even, for some, despair, and I am worried.

We have to take of ourselves and each other, listen empathetically, hold ourselves up and be prepared to move-on, whether or not we experience victory at the polls, whether or not we come away feeling defeated.

If it is victory we have to move forward temperately and preserve those wins through the coming cycle, when redistricting occurs, at which point we can bring greater rationality to the electoral map.

If it is victory we can begin to investigate the crimes of this administration, and defund its corrupt initiatives, but we have to move temperately because there will be resistance at every turn. We have to play the hand we have until we have the cards we need, we cannot presume to impeach, or throw anyone out of office until we actually have the votes.

Speak up if you are suffering, ask for help when you need it, we are all in this thing together, though sometimes it might feel like you are all alone, you are not all alone.

We have decades in front, and we will walk through them together.

Take care of yourself.

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