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A mentally disturbed, emotionally stunted wing-nut and fervent supporter of Donald Trump launched a bombing campaign last week. He targeted two former President’s of the United States, a former Vice President, a former Secretary of State, who was also T-Rumps opponent in the 2016 presidential campaign, which he won even though he lost the popular vote, and only because he had the help of a foreign adversary.

The bombing campaign also targeted a former Attorney General of the United States, two sitting United States Senators, one sitting and one former member of the House of Representative, one of whom was also a former head of the Democratic National Committee. He targeted a former Director of the CIA, and a former Director of National Intelligence, both of whom are critics of the T-Rump, and three other critics of the president, all of whom are prominent citizens but none of whom have ever held elected office.

This man espoused his love for T-Rump, and his vicious hate for the critics and opponents of T-Rump on Facebook Pages. One of his pages was called Kill George Soros, and another was called Kill all Socialists.

On the pages the man posted his hate speech and images of himself following T-Rump around the country, attending rallies, and basking in orange glow of the fake president.

It is utterly disgraceful that Facebook allowed this man, or any to operate pages with names like that.

What is wrong with Mark Zuckerberg?

We all know that this man is completely amoral, the story of how he stole Facebook from his classmates who originally developed it is well documented. Through his theft he has become one of the richest men in the world, and he continues to steal from Facebook users every day. He steals our content, our pictures, our posts, our vital information, our identities, and he allows government agencies, foreign powers, big data mining operations, to take what they want of ours, with the benefit redounding to him, Mark Zuckerberg.

It is shameful and disgusting.

Facebook sent technical analysts to the T-Rump campaign, embedded themselves in it, to help T-Rump exploit the platform and eck out a victory, over and against the will of the American people.

Mark Zuckerberg gets cozy with oppressive governments and dictators all around the world, so that they can use his platform to suppress dissent, and propagate lies, all in Mark Zuckerberg’s quest for $$$.

Mark Zuckerberg is shameful and disgusting.

Facebook is more concerned with the suppression of photographs that might contains an image of a nipple, than they are with protecting our user data, promoting the responsible exchange of ideas, and civil discourse.

A nipple slip is bad, but why not Kill All Socialists?

I use Facebook to stay in touch with friends, but its algorithm does not really keep me in touch with them, it only connects me to a select group of them and this is not for my benefit, it is for the benefit of Facebook, it is what they think will most optimally monetize my activity.

I use Facebook to stay in touch with friends, to promote my writing (such as it is), but do I need it?

Can we do without Facebook?

I think we can.

Somebody needs to make a new platform, and leave hate and fear mongering Mark Zuckerberg to the wing-nuts and tin-can, two-bit dictators of the world.

Jefferson B., I am talking to you!

Emergence 3.0 – Section Six, The Empire; Part Forty-one, Tradition; Chapter Six, Globalism

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 300, Saturday
October 27th, 2018

Chapter Six: Globalism

It was possible for an individual to be at peace in the Empire, millions of citizens were. They experienced the comfort of the acquiescent.

People were conditioned to obey.

To be at peace in the Empire a person merely had to accept the view that their happiness was an integral part of the whole. An individual did not have a right to their own immediate and personal sense of joy. They had to look beyond themselves, to the wholeness of their family, to the security of their village, to the prestige of their world, and beyond.

The most sound perspective was to look beyond their immediate conditions, to the next life, to a series of a thousand lives, to the long slow turning off the wheel of life.

The immediate present could not be changed, only accepted and accounted for.

Individual happiness did not matter, what mattered was the happiness of the whole. It was a trick.

Most of the population of the empire had been bred to accept this, followed by their education in the Imperial schools, and their worship in the Imperial cult.

The citizens understood the reality of the Empire, a million worlds, stretched across the galaxy. Most would never leave the world they were born on.

Interstellar, travel was mainly the province of the soldier and priest, with the exception of the outcastes, who were likely to be gathered up, sent off world to the serves in the mines, scattered throughout the Empire as they expendable labor force that they were..

Nevertheless, the people held an image of the Royal worlds in their minds, hoping one day to go there.

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