Tiresias in the Cave

My vision is gone, I am vacant and listless
Groping for meaning

A lie in the dark, this life is moribund is cold
I did not seek it

A false certainty, piercing the veil of confusion
Fall into shadow

Catatonia, sleeping once again, lids closed
Dancing with faeries

In a ring of mushrooms, their soft spongy bed
In the wet loamy earth

My heart winding down the beat slows with each measure
Alive and dying

Sink beneath the earth in my soaked and bloated flesh
A shroud for my bones

My marrow, feeds the flowers to Hecate is singing
A lullaby

The meadow is on fire and Persephone is laughing
She slips into the way

The hot blood returns with the demon, my blind genius
Boiled in tears

I am flush for life, for the embrace of the world
And lusting for it

With a mouth full of ashes, spite and bitumen

Emergence 3.0 – Section Six, The Empire; Part Forty-two, Fear; Chapter Two, Pain

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 303, Tuesday
October 30th, 2018

Chapter Two: Pain

The prevailing philosophy was this: pain was necessary and purgative, both as penance for sin and as a preparation for holiness. This sentiment was present at every level of ritual in the Imperial cult.

This is not to say that every moment of a person’s life was filled with pain, for pain to meaningful it had to be regulated, interspersed through moments of relief and respite, of joy and happiness.

This teaching was reinforced at every level of the human experience, alternating and successive waves of joy and sorrow, of pleasure and pain.

The experiences were different in every caste.

Among the plebians, the people hoped were for material wealth and comfort, for rank and prestige. They worked to the point of exhaustion for the smallest gains, and routinely saw those gains stripped away.

The soldier wanted victory and glory, to experience the pleasures of the flesh after combat. They were almost universally short lived, encountering death and disease at every turn.

Among the priestly class there was the quest for power and control. They were consumed with the endless drama of their dynastic ambitions.

Above all, the priest wanted to be elevated to the realm of eternal life, to become one with the Continuum.

Priests routinely sacrificed everything they held dear to achieve these ends.

They were easily corruptible

Suffering was life, moments of pleasure were structured to be brief, they were teaching moments, with periods of joy coming as random, intermittent and spontaneous events.

Joy was the ephemeral thing, perpetually floating in the middle distance, tantalizing, always slightly beyond the grasp of the individual.

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