Chaos and Order

The drive for peace and
Calm, a tranquil dream, steady
A sure reflection

In the smooth surface
Free of turbulent water
The still pool, stagnant

A captured image
Like the spirit, fixed in film
Frozen expression

A denial, of life
Of the constancy of change
Perpetual change

Struggle for meaning
To find truth, wisdom, knowledge
To hold it like sand

Water in the hand
Slipping fast through the fingers
Like fog in the desert

Let us celebrate
The confusing universe
Lucid creation

The urge to control
To shape it into order
Predictable, sure

A vision of peace
We dream of futilities
Tantalus reaching

For the sacred fruit
For our lost humanity
The dregs in the grail

Emergence 3.0 – Section Seven, War; Part Forty-three, Division; Chapter Two, The Nihilists

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 310, Tuesday
November 6th, 2018

Chapter Two: The Nihilists

When the continuum established the Imperial schools and the Imperial Cult, it never intended to create a monolithic structure, or a society that eliminated all dissent.

The Continuum wanted conflict.

It wanted the hot drama of resistance.

The Continuum fostered rebellion on the fringes, among the outcastes and the lowest classes, as well as in the hierarchy.

It gave the ruling families, the high priests and leading generals just enough knowledge of the truth, to allow skepticism to creep into their worldview, to have a perpetual foothold in the Empire.

The Continuum sewed dissent with one hand and crushed it with the other.

There were many people in the higher orders of the priesthood, and in the leadership of the armed forces, who knew enough to have lost their faith in the Imperial system, its religion, and its social norms.

They knew the lies that were told to the masses.

In the moment of crises some among them argued that they do nothing in response to the conflagration occurring on the Central Planet.

They wanted to wait and see what would happen.

They knew that they were controlled by a supernatural force called the Continuum, a power that consumed the resources of star systems to feed its endless appetites, they knew it and they desired to free of it.

They saw this moment as an opportunity, they could do nothing and allow the Continuum to collapse. If they did nothing they would be safe, or so they surmised.

If the Continuum did not falter they would not be held accountable for rebellion.

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