Thanksgiving, the Via Negativa

Today is Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a secular holiday, but nevertheless it is sacred to most Americans.

Many of us write reflections on this day, post memes, expressing to the world the things that we are thankful for.

That is nice.

It is conscientious, it is appropriate. We have much to be thankful for as Americans, and we should never forget it.

A heartfelt expression of gratitude is always welcome, even gratitude expressed in general for the many things we receive from those we love, by whom we are loved, for the things we are given that make our lives more comfortable, more challenging and more meaningful.

It is never inappropriate to thankful.

To express gratitude is to make one’s self humble; it is to acknowledge our reliance on others for making us into the people we have become.

Be humble.

Be gracious.

Be thankful.

Always, be these and you will be in the way of the wise.

In theology there is something known as the apophatic tradition. In this tradition it is understood that God, by whatever name you call the creator the universe (of all that is and all we are), that God dwells in a mode beyond human understanding.

God is shrouded in mystery, in the cloud of un-knowing.

According to the apophatic tradition, we are not able speak in the affirmative about what or who God is, because God, the eternal and infinite, God will not be circumscribed by finite constructs of human thought and language.

There can be no positive assertions about the nature of the Divine, there is only the via negative, the way of understanding who God is by stating what God is not.

Following this tradition, I am in the custom of forgoing the traditional giving-of-thanks, even though I am truly grateful for my friends and compatriots, grateful for everyone in my life, for all of those who inspire me, and who are endlessly patient with me.

I will follow the via negative, the negative way, and express what I am not thankful for.

I am not thankful that there is no peace in the world,

In Yemen where the Saudia Arabia and Iran are fighting a proxy war, and hundreds of thousands of Children are on the brink of starvation.

In Palestine, where there is apartheid, where millions of people live in cities and towns that are in reality just prisons, and the walls of their homes are the walls of a jail.

In America, where we are divided by class, culture, color, by a pretender to the office of President.

I am not thankful for the dismal failures of our government in Puerto Rico, more than a year since it was devastated by a hurricane. Or the failures of civilization to address the deep problems related to climate change, that are destroying communities everywhere around the world, including the recent fires in California that have destroyed thousands of homes, and killed dozens of people.

I am not thankful for our failures of leadership.

I am not thankful for white supremacy, and domestic terrorism.

I am not thankful for terrorism anywhere. I am not thankful for the religious fundamentalism that drives it. I am thankful neither for the fear that spawns it, nor for the fear it generates

I am not thankful that there is hunger in our bountiful world. I am not thankful for the greed and the sloth, and the bad public policy that fosters it.

I am not thankful for willful ignorance, for anti-rational, anti-intellectual, demagoguery. I am not thankful for the cultural relativism that has promoted it, for anti-objectivism, for liars.

I am not thankful for Donald Trump. I am not thankful for my fellow Americans who voted for him, his allies in congress and anywhere who continue to support.

I am not thankful for the media outlets, the reporters, the editorialists who failed to take him seriously. I am not thankful that they abdicated their responsibilities as the gatekeepers of our society, as the so called 4th Estate, and allowed his criminal regime to hold the seat of power.

I am not thankful that they have not collectively figured out a way to redress their failures.

I am not thankful and ashamed everyday of his antics as the President of the United States. For his capitulation to murderous regimes, and strong-men anywhere who he thinks he can profit from at some future point beyond his presidency.

I am not thankful for his corruption of the rule of law.

I am not thankful for on-going continuous assault on the working class, the threats that are levied against the average citizen in the spheres of public policy like health care, and taxes.

I am not thankful for our government’s continuous assault on our population of immigrants and refugees.

I am not thankful for these things.

I am not thankful that there is so much more to add to this list.

I am not thankful for the shortsightedness of liberals and progressives who cannot stand united in the face of the social forces that threaten us all.

Did I say that I am not thankful for white supremacists? I did, but let me say it again…I am not thankful for them or their apologists, not their soft supporters or their ardent advocates. I am not thankful that they have a seat at the table in the administration of Donald J. Trump.

I am not thankful for that vile imposter, who stole the presidency with the aid of a foreign power, the Russians no-less.

I am not thankful for them.

Emergence 3.0 – Section Seven, War; Part Forty-five, Possession; Chapter Four, Control

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 325, Thursday
November 22nd, 2018

Chapter Four: Control

Every person was beset by the intense pressure that came with the understanding that their future was completely dependent on the now.

The citizen in a position of power or authority, required balance and poise, the more responsibility they had the more heavily they were scrutinized.

Every person’s life was a matter of public record, every step they took outside the home, every word they spoke. At any time they could held accountable for anything…for everything.

The Collective loved to see people and families built up, only to watch them taken down, sometimes over the course of generations, at other time with bewildering speed. The Continuum gave them these dramas, filling the Collective with the vicarious experiences they craved.

The greatest narratives the Continuum had ever constructed resulted in the destruction of entire world’s, the suppression of rebellion that resulted in total genocide.

The more power a person had the more careful they had to be. Billions of lives depended on their thoughtful application of it.

Such was the case with the High Priest. His rebellion had destroyed everything he had ever loved. Then, after his resurrection and his complete submission to Imperial rule, he held posts in which he signed orders that starved quarrelsome population into submission.

He led the Imperial armada on missions that turned entire planets into glowing cinders, sending their raw materials to the central system as an offering to the Collective.

As High Priest he blessed these missions and absolved the commanders of all crime.

Control requires ever greater control; to force it is to lose it. The exercise of power had to be done submissively.

It was dichotomous.

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