A humor plagues me
Sardonic, mal-adaptive
Sick with illusions

Stretched thin and vacant
The broken spirit returns
Its dim spark dusted

Chipped and crumbling stones
Bronze markers greened by weather
Failing memory

The grave digger laughs
Asleep on designer beds
The decorous dead

Bitter with irony
Lives, terrible and trifling
Proud and wicked

Bold as the golem
Hungry as a legion, swine
Feeding at the trough

Emergence 3.0 – Section Seven, War; Part Forty-eight, Strategy; Chapter Two, Deployment

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 345, Tuesday
December 11th, 2018

Chapter Two: Deployment

A surprise attack is always a surprise, and everything that stems from it is received as the unexpected. Even those who plan a surprise attack are surprised at the outcome, whether by its success or its failure.

The rebel ambush of the Imperial fleet was over.

Thousands upon thousands of ships lay scattered, broken-up in pieces, and breathing fire as they burned their last stores of oxygen and fuel.

They were counting the dead.

Their victory was absolute.

The surprise maneuvers were brilliantly executed and a blessing was given by the high priest to eradicate all resistance, to usher in a new era of justice for the citizens of the Empire.

The average soldier had no idea what that meant, neither did the low ranking officers. Some of the senior staff were uncomfortable by such talk, and the observers among them were amused.

They gave no quarter. They slaughtered everyone in the battlefield who had not previously signed up for the insurrection.

What every soldier and pilot knew, was that the more people they killed the further up in rank they would climb. They desperately wanted to clear the field and rise as the new aristocracy.

They destroyed every ship in the armada whose commanders had not been with them from the outset, regardless of whether they tried to surrender. It was a blood bath, and the wreckage was already falling toward the massive gravitational pull of HomeWorld.

The victory was so overwhelming that none of the rebel ships had been destroyed, a few were disabled but their crews were already preparing them for the next phase of their endeavor.

Now the rebels had no other plan accept to deploy the fleet against the Continuum.

They reformed and began to surveil the HomeWorld.

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