Emergence 3.0 – Epilogue, Collected Parts; Part Two, Transmogrification

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 359, Tuesday
December 25th, 2018

Epilogue: Part Two – Transmogrification

Something was happening.

Kathy sensed her consciousness multiplying, it was expanding by an order of magnitude that staggered, and then…in letting go she found herself.

She was fully present with each and every shift in the cynergenic field, she was moving outward in waves, like concentric rings, she was at the crest.

She was the wave itself.

There was joy in it, and there was no fear.

She was both Earth’s channel and its atavistic guide, leading the fullness of humanity into the Collective field of the HomeWorld. As she did she touched every individual in their passage through.

She encompassed their fullness.

The transition happened in no-time.

Once it had begun, it was over.

It was the greatest transposition of quantum energy to ever take place, a thing that not even the Continuum had imagined was possible, there was no standing against it, because once it had begun it was fait accompli.

Kathy had become a new creation. She was a being of light and grace in full rapport with the quantum field.

She was unbound by space and time.

She was Brachma.

She transcended the machinery of the Continuum, she inhabited it, she could control it and yet she did not require it, she could not be confined by it.

She was the goddess.

She was the shepherdess.

She was the alpha and the omega.

She was the first and the last.

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