Emergence 3.0 – Epilogue, Collected Parts; Part Three, Transformation

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 360, Wednesday
December 26th, 2018

Epilog: Part Three – Transformation

Everything was mutable, everything was in flux.

Between any one point in the matrix of time and space no matter how small, between any one point in the fabric of reality no matter how large, there is a relationship that can be distinguished.

Every instantiated moment, every potential moment, every actual referent is related to every other.

Everything is one, there is no actual distance between discernable moments.

In the quantum field that the Collective once occupied, the vast construct that the Continuum was formerly master of, time itself was meaningless.

The science of the Continuum had made this acutely obvious, but Kathy discovered that time was meaningless everywhere, the same quantum field undergirded the whole structure of what is.

Kathy’s consciousness filled it in no-time, she slipped beyond the bounds of HomeWorld, she filled the Central system and went beyond it.

She became coterminous with what the Continuum was and so much more as she ushered the fullness of humanity into the Collective sphere helping them to a place of calm, giving each of them what the needed to see, connecting friends to friends, and families to their ancestors.

It was homecoming.

She felt like Joshua crossing the Jordan, leading the people into the land of milk and honey.

It happened in mere moments while Jim was preoccupied with his war, the conflict that had determined so much of his existence.

Kathy saw him there, the entirety of him, both his great spirit and his smallness, in stark relief.

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