Emergence 3.0 – Epilogue, Collected Parts; Part Five, Peace

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 362, Friday
December 28th, 2018

Epilog: Part Five – Peace

The onrush was of consciousness was ecstatic. It filled Kathy to overflowing, for a moment it threatened to overwhelm her, but she rose with it as she had been trained to do.

She was ascendant.

Kathy felt the flood of humanity streaming through her, billions and billions of people, the living and the dead, virtually every person who had ever walked the earth filtered through her consciousness. She steadied the flow and grew with it, moving up the stream until she self-identified with the source.

She was Gaea, the mother spirit, she was mother to them all.

The spirits of the Earth gave her strength, they steadied her, calmed her. The voices that had guided her throughout her life, they were with her now.

She touched them, she recognized them, person by person she saved them one by one, all in one, and one in all.

Jim had created a vacuum within the cynergenic field of HomeWorld, a vaccum that nature abhorred.

Kathy led the children of Earth, the Children of the Ancients, she led them to their new home, and guided them to places of safety and security.

One by one they repopulated the Collective.

Kathy, in her part took control as the Continuum had done before her.

Through her connection to Jim found and resurrected the basic program that the Collective had created for the Continuum to function, and she made its language a subsystem of her own.

She positioned herself to protect and defend her people.

She ushered them into a place of peace and light.

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