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The laws of hospitality are the oldest laws of all, they are unwritten and universally understood.

If you have a guest in your home, you are responsible for their well-being. It does not get any more simple than that.

The United States has fallen far away from this standard.

Immigrant families are being separated from each other at the border. While they may have broken the laws of the United States for unlawfully entering the country, they are within their rights as human beings to seek a better life for themselves in their flight from poverty, persecution and injustice.

We are holding children in prisons. Some have been separated from their families, infants and toddlers, and we have no idea who their parents are or where they went. We have no means to return them.

Two children have dies in our custody in the last month, the latest on Christmas Eve. The administration of Donald Trump will not even acknowledge their responsibility for it. They blame the parents instead.

Make no mistake, anyone in our custody, whether they are friend or foe, a prison or a free person is entitled to a basic level of care. We have a responsibility for their welfare. We have a duty even to the stranger. The laws of hospitality are clear on this, these men and women and their children are our guests.

We are failing in our duties, failing them, and failing ourselves.

These faults are tragedies committed in our name.

It may seem silly to dwell on them, their stories came and went in a few short turns of the news cycle, and the deaths of these small children, these crimes which no-one will be held accountable for, are just two small drops in a great ocean of villainy America has perpetrated on the world and on its people.

But it is not silly, it is a necessary reflection on how far we have sunk that we cannot even expect our elected and appointed leaders to see these events against the backdrop of the laws of hospitality the knowledge of which we all carry deep in our hearts, the ancient international laws that assign to us responsibility for their care.

They twist and turn, point fingers and blame others because the think that if they hold themselves accountable they will be evincing a weakness that will cause their entire house of cards to fall apart.

Emergence 3.0 – Epilogue, Collected Parts; Part Six, Death

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 363, Saturday
December 29th, 2018

Epilogue: Part Six – Death

She saw it quickly approaching, the veil between life and death. It had always been thin to her. Throughout her life she had seen to the other side, communicated with the voices of her ancestors, experiencing their lives through their eyes.

Nevertheless, like every mortal creature she was connected to her heartbeat, to her breath, to the network of nerves sending electrical impulses and chemical signals coursing through her flesh.

There was fear, but no pain as Kathy experienced the death of her body, walking into the unknown.

She was taking a journey past the point of no return, the most significant thing was how utterly unplanned and unforeseen the whole event was.

On some inexplicable level, this delighted her.

As she felt her physicality slip away she was already in another place, occupying new ground. She was pure consciousness, sensing the multitude of humanity all about her, moving through her.

She felt them pulsing, each and every person, as her own heart had once pushed blood through her veins, she felt the steady drum beat of Earth, like a great rhythm with the power of creation within it.

The fear she felt concerning the mystery of death was magnified by the reality that the world itself was ending, ending in fire like Epicurious had always said.

Earth was being rolled up like a blanket and she was the White Buffalo Woman running across the starry-field, carrying it in her arms, cradling it like a baby.

The whole of humanity was poised at the end of the world, and then there was release.

There was absolution.

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