Russia is Threatening Nuclear War – Editorial, The Week in Review

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Russia is Threatening Nuclear War

Vladimir Putin issued another threat.

He suggested the United States and Russia might reengage in another missile crises. He threatened to use his warships and submarines to position his new “hypersonic” missiles off our coast.

Many analysts have stated that Russia has no such weapons, but any repositioning of their arsenal off our coast, and any targeting of American cities with nuclear missiles is dangerous.

Putin was nonchalant, as if he was playing a game, boasting and issuing a mild bluff. Justifying these threats on the grounds that Trump has unilaterally pulled out of the INF treaty, but nuclear war is no joke.

It’s a motherfucker.

How did we get to this place where the President of Russia is playing coy with threats of a nuclear holocaust.

We are here because our own president is weak, compromised, and so intellectually stunted that he does not understand the stakes.

The anticipation is that the Trump administration is going to recognize the legitimacy of North Korea as a nuclear state; a total capitulation to their interests and a complete abandonment of our long term objective to de-nuclearize the Korean peninsula.

The Trump administration is under investigation for a plan to illegally transfer nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia.

These policy, glibly put forward by T-Rump, reluctantly enacted by his regime, against the recommendations of our national intelligence services, represent a long term threat to the republic, and an existential threat to human civilization.

The sad thing is that most Americans no longer care. They are not connected to the reality of these dangers; either because they do not remember the Cold War, or they do not understand it.
How can you get the generations that have come along after mine to get it?

These generations struggle with the concept of the spherical globe. They are liable to believing claims that the earth is flat, or that it is only six thousand years old. What can we do when so many millions of them do not have the critical thinking skills to appreciate the danger.

These are not insignificant developments.

Emergence 3.0 – Section Five (a), Jim; Appendix Part Four, University; Chapter Two, Logic

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Saturday, February 23rd, 2019

Chapter Two: Logic

Logic was the icon he knelt beside, Logic was his Grail, his object of devotion.

He drilled his fetish for logic, the adherence to it, deep into the structures of the institutions he built.

The institutional bias was always logic, dispassionate and utilitarian.

There was safety in logic, there was predictability. The power of logic was demonstrable, and belief in its power was ingrained into every level of the vast structures of the schools he founded.

People are not logical by nature, they had to be conditioned to it, The languages they spoke created modes of thinking that were more and less suited to it.

Jim left some groups to be wild and never touched them with the machination of logic. Other tribes were built around intricate webs of logical assumptions.

At different points in the development of a society he engineered disasters which took away the institutions the undergirded the transmission of logic. He starved those societies of it, allowing them to regress into natural states of animal emotionality, of fear and suspicion.

Then he would bring it back like a healing balm and watch while they transformed themselves through the use of it.

Within the great-stone walls of the institutions he founded, he formed secret societies to protect and carry out his work. This allowed him to focus his attention all around the globe, guiding the development of civilization with a slow-steady and invisible hand.

He layered control devices into their collective memory, repeated through the stories they told and the lists they memorized, in the tropes they wrote into their hearts.

He controlled them through the archetypes they bonded with, through the myths they constructed to give meaning to their lives.

His work was art.

His art was a weapon

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