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Truth and Lies – Can You Tell the Difference

Michael Cohen testified before congress this week. He spent ten years working for Donald Trump as his personal attorney and fixer. He is a convicted felon, convicted of perjury, among other things.

He is a known liar.

He lied professionally for Donald Trump. Donald Trump is a pathological liar, and he surrounds himself with liars, people who are totally divorced from any relationship to the truth, people Like Roger Stone and Paul Manafort and Jerome Corsi and Rick Gates who have made their personal fortunes lying.

I watched Ivanka Trump lie this week about her father’s role in granting her husband a top secret security clearance, overruling the judgement of the intelligence professionals whose job it is to vet people for the clearance necessary to have access to the nation’s most sensitive data.

I watched Donald Trump lie about it to.

I watched Representative Jim Jordan, Republican from Ohio condemn Cohen for his lying, when all last year I watched the same the same man lie through his teeth about his knowledge the systematic molestation of college wrestlers at Ohio State University where Jim Jordan had served as an assistant coach. The doctor molested dozen of wrestlers in the program. Jim Jordan had a locker next to his. He was named as a witness by several wrestler who pressed a suit against the university. Jim Jordan denied; lying through his teeth he denied ever having heard about it.

The lies they tell, the inveterate liars they all are; It makes me wonder if they even understand the concept of truthfulness.

All of these liars claim to be Christians, and as such they are supposed to have an obligation to the truth, but they lie without compunction and feign indignancy when they are confronted with the truth.

Michael Cohen, for all his faults, he brought proof to back up his claims when he testified before congress this week. He wasn’t asking anyone to believe him, he was just making the record plain.

Emergence 3.0 – Section Five (a), Jim; Appendix Part Five, Spymaster; Chapter Two, The Web

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Saturday, March 2nd, 2019

Chapter Two: The Web

Jim built a global network of interlocking cells.

Each web of spies served their own community first. They were tribalistic in the extreme, and conditioned to be xenophobic. This type of conditioning was what the Continuum prescribed.

Each and every independent cell held allegiances to the people of their own tribe first, but at the highest levels they underwent initiations that opened-up their broader purpose.

They were initiated into the sacred mysteries which gave them a glimpse of the galaxy, of the Empire and the great Collective Consciousness and the Continuum, the demi-urge at its heart.

In the shadows Jim cultivated a secret cabal, hostile to the Continuum, people who were conditioned to believe that their sacred mission was to prepare the world for the inevitable encroachment of the Empire.

Unity would be required of the people of Earth if they were to survive an encounter with the Empire, and to that end they set aside their tribalism, shared information and cooperated together.

There was nothing more important than this, the fate of humanity depended on it.

Jim was extremely selective about who he chose to promote into these ranks. He deliberately chose men and women who had a weak connection to the cynergenic field.

Into their genetic profile he engineered capacities for psychic resistance.

He never perfected these, but his most trusted spies were unreadable to ordinary psychics.

They were indoctrinated into the secret societies after careful consideration and vetting, every one was interconnected by their sense of duty and loyalty, to humanity itself, and to Jim.

They were absolutely trustworthy and their presence allowed Jim the freedom to roam about the world.

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