Impeach Him II – Editorial, The Week in Review

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Impeach Him II
The Mueller report is in, but the work is not done. Congress must finish the job.

Impeach him!

Ordinary oversight of the Trump administration must continue, we must investigate his lies and crimes, both before he took office and after.

An impeachment inquiry must begin and the Mueller report is the guide to it.

There is a lot of ground to cover, and it makes no sense for the Democratic Party’s leadership in Congress to take impeachment off the table.

Impeach him, even if it does not mean he gets removed from office. The house of representatives has a duty to impeach this criminal, it does not matter if the senate will not vote to convict him.

Start the investigation in earnest and impeach the Fake President.

Clinton was impeached. He was not removed from office but he was impeached, and that is a permanent part of the record of his presidency.

Trump deserves no less.

Whatever the Democratic Party leadership fears, set it aside. The messaging on this is easy.

Trump deserves to be impeached: Impeachment is the ultimate censure, it is the ultimate rebuke, it can result in removing the President from office, but it does not have to. In fact it never has.

Impeachment without removal from office is still impeachment, and the things this man has done, mark him as the most corrupt president in the history of the United States. The house of representatives needs to impeach him, regardless of whether the senate will toss him out of office, or not.

Impeach him, get on with it.

The man has lied, suborned perjury, cheated, stolen, obstructed justice and abused power, and enriched himself from the offerings of foreign governments, princes and kings. He will not be indicted for his crimes while he occupies the oval office. Therefore he must be impeached.

Impeachment hearing must be held, Trump’s fitness for office must be debated on the floor.

Every congressperson must be forced to vote on it, and everyone in the senate has to be put on the record, stating unequivocally how much they value the principles of our democracy.

Speaker of the House Pelosi, and the rest of the leadership who are hedging on this question, they just need to learn how to tell the story. The narrative is easy, it makes sense.

Impeachment does not need to end with the Trump being expelled from office. Removing him from office is not the responsibility of the House of Representatives, impeaching him is.

The House should do its work, and then the Senate can do theirs.

Do it now.

Emergence 3.0 – Section Six (a), Rebellion; Appendix Part Twelve, Observers; Chapter Two, Selectees

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Saturday, April 20th, 2019

Chapter Two: Selectees

The Continuum was endlessly engaged in the winnowing process, searching the Collective for the most opportune candidates to facilitate its work in the realms of time of and space.

Their personality profile had to correspond to a kind of Golden Mean; hedonistic but not debilitated by gluttony, despotic but not inclined to tyranny. It was a careful balance and one that must be able to hold after they were set loose in the worlds of the Imperium.

Many who wanted to join the observer Corps did not meet this profile, only in rare instances could the Continuum actually refuse a member, though it would often sabotage their efforts in the training process, if the member went against it’s will.

The Continuum selected candidates from among the disquieted members of the Collective for its long range missionary work, sending them far afield, out into the minor planets of the million worlds of the empire.

The continuum desired to be free of their feelings of uncertainty, disencumbered from their existential angst.

Most of them were eager for the opportunity to live in the flesh again, many volunteered. Some were even altruistic.

They wanted change and the stimulation of sensory organs, they required new and different kinds of experiences before returning to their own private reality.

Many only ventured into the flesh for a cycle. Some went repeatedly, dipping in and out of the experience of bodily living.

Many of them wanted to exercise their fantasies in a visceral way, where the stakes were real, where their flesh mattered to them and the preservation of it was the experience of real life.

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