Contemptuous – Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion


I listened to William Barr, Attorney General of the United States, I listened to him lie, and display his ignorance concerning the very serious issues our country is facing.

His behavior is criminal. It is crime to lie to congress.

His refusal to appear before a house committee exercising its legitimate and constitutional oversight over the executive branch, does not only show his contempt for congress, it puts on full display his utter contempt for the American people.

Every Republican lawmaker, office holder, voter who defends these actions echoes that contempt. They show their absolute disregard for the civil institutions, traditions and laws that undergird our democracy. Any citizen who defends the Attorney General, or Donald Trump who appointed him, in this reckless and dangerous erosion of the American way, of our systems of checks and balances and the proper functioning of our government shows themselves declares themselves as an enemy of the American people, or someone willing to aid and abet those who are seeking to destroy our country.

If that sounds extreme…then take a second look.

The President of the United States and those who he has appointment to act in his name are actively conspiring with the enemies of the United States and other adversaries to undermine the democrat process and corrupt the vote.

These same Republican operatives have sought by every means available to them to suppress the vote of American citizens at every level they can; local, state and federal elections.

They are doing this for a myriad of inexplicable reasons, most of which boil down to their unmitigated greed money and power.

These men will stand up, swear under oath to tell the truth, knowing that they are going to spew lies to the American people. They lie all the time, Donald Trump tells hundreds of lies of week. They do it gleefully. They do it in service to themselves.

They are contemptuous.

Shame on any American who continues to support them.

The Republican Party is absolutely corrupt, unhinged, a clear a present danger to the nation.

A people cannot be free if they are not governed by laws, laws are meaningless if they are not grounded in truth. Our lawmakers must be truthful to the American people, not contemptuous of it.

We must hold them accountable.

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