The Chosen One – Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

The Chosen One
The sad thing is this:

We did chose him, not me individually, and probably very few of you who might be reading this; though I do have people among my friends and family who did chose to vote for the orange tyrant.

Put the excuses aside for a moment, because we did choose him collectively, and we cannot wash the stain away, America chose this menace to be our President, to represent us on the world stage, we made the choice, to our everlasting shame.

I have often wondered if it was an act of Freudian self-loathing, it must have been. We chose the confused and doddering abusive father, over the shrewd and ambitious woman.

He made some us laugh, he made more of cringe, but he had already succeeded in establishing his persona as a part of our Americana, in this way a failed business men, with a mediocre television show that traded on other people’s celebrity and not his own, managed to con his way into the Oval Office.

We chose him, and as soon as he took power the institutions that uphold our country, and our country’s place in the world, they all began to fall apart.

We are to blame.

The only choice that remains with us is to vote him out. We must reject this ugly manifestation of our collective ID, reject it completely and never let it happen again.

This much is certain, if he was a more clever man he would be able to do even greater harm to our nation, our people, and the rule of law, but he laid out the playbook for doing what many thought could not be done, and a sure as the sun will rise, a more clever person will soon come along.

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