Saint Stephen

The prophet promised help, a song of hope floating in the morning light

love for the dandelion

Lilies blooming in the broken asphalt, begging to be considered

broken birds, with wings made of wishes

Saint Stephen by a chest full of arrows, got pinioned to a tree

while a thousand sparrows gathered in his branches

Garden ponds and baths gone dry, water stolen by the sun

cats cry at empty basins, biting at their fleas

Forgive them…the hungry and the homeless, living through the heat and cold

the lean dogs wandering the city

blessed are the meek







Up and Down and Swallowed by the Sea

Poetry from Postcards

A Diptych

Up and Down and Swallowed by the Sea


Ripples in Time


In nature there is nothing true

No straight line

Ocean and shore, wash

Against each other

No lines

A collection of curves



Rounded moments


In the waves


Tall and Crooked


Jagged mountains fall

Pushed up

Then toppled

Wind twists-pries

Cold fingers into rock

Cracking open the crumbling beauty

The broken stone

The stricken faces



In nature there is nothing fixed

 Turner.jpg  vtowers
Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775 -1851

Beaumaris, Isle of Anglesey circa 1835

Courtesy of the Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens, San Marino, California


The Dolomite Mountains, Alto Adige, Italy

Valojet Towers (postcard) Valojet-Hatte,

Druef und Berlag von M. Eblinger, Innsbrud