The boy lifts his head
Stares into oblivion
Fearing his shadow

Beyond the tempest
Of his desires he submits
Alone and silent

Watching her retreat
Diminishing with each step
She slips beyond view

A quivering lip
His unbidden tears, striking
His sinuses sting

Her cold rejection
Hot as the slap from her hand

He swallows and stands
Stuffs his hands in his pockets
To conceal his grief

Bereft and undone
He shuffles his feet, and turns
Around and goes home


A taut steel cable
Stretched across the void, my grip
Is precarious

Tensions mounting as
The ravaged flesh of fingers
Torn inflexible

My agonized limbs
Like Tantalus in Tartarus
Hung like rotting meat

Rent, worn out, and torn
Separate from their sockets
Elongated pain

The abysmal maw
Opens in the dark, fetid
Breath like sulfur blows

The weight of silence
Crushed like wise old Sisyphus
Pushing up the hill


Dissolute, spinning
I am flirting with non-being
De-constructing, me

A trillion gaps
In my integrity, gaps
Ever widening

Leave me wondering
Am I really-real, how do
My atoms cohere?

The substance of self
A mass of tissue, fluids
Churning in the brine

Electrical nodes
Seeing and thinking, feeling
Being a construct

I am cognizant
Perceiving and resolving
The riddle of me

Saint Valentine’s Day

Jennifer is she
Bright as a morning in May
Sensual and sweet

A light in the dark
My warming breeze in winter
February’s love

Freckles, and green eyes
Her flashing smile lights my heart
As the sun in spring

Clear as the bright stream
Swift as the rising moon, cool
In the evening

She listens to me
Sheltering my hopes, and dreams
Believing in me

She is strong, and fierce
I lean on her when I’m tired
And she carries me

Six years of loving
Kind and caring Valentine
Jennifer is she


Asking for a gift
Calling for a miracle
Fill the emptiness

Something for nothing
Receiving a bequeathment
Or nothing at all.

Beg the divinity
Obsequious and fawning
The supplicant mewls

Abandon the god
That hungers for your spirit
Who thirsts for worship

Ancient gods, of gold
Silver, and the war machine
Gods of slavery

Stolen sacrifice
Set the bloody gods on fire
A column of smoke

Bitumen and vice
The corrosion of virtue
Nothing is sacred


Crumbling paradigms
Distorted perspective burst
Fallen monuments

My vision shifts, slips.
Blurred waves in motion

I wandered alone
The impossible human
Seeking the divine

Scratching at the earth
Sleeping in the green-garden
The innocent world

Communing with God
No filters for my lenses
In the light of day

We talked and we danced
We drew pictures in the stars
As the mountains fell