Observation – March 5th, 2020, Thursday

It is 5:27 in the morning

Kitty is yowling for attention

She is unhappy with the food in her dish

She wants something different

Something fresh

She doesn’t want the supplement I give her

To strengthen her joints, and her back legs

She is seventeen and getting arthritic

She wants to play

She cannot jump anymore

She does not like to play string

While laying on the floor

I lift her to the window

So she can watch the dark street

Observation – August 2nd, 2017, Wednesday

It was dark, deep dark

In the middle of the night

The witching hour passed


My cat is sleeping

She is curled up on her chair

She does little else


There is a rattle

Noises come from the upstairs

The house is creaking


A car rolls past, bass

Booming down the avenue

The bars have let out


I woke too early

I came to my desk to write

My fingers tapping

Observation – August 1st, 2016, Monday



It is 4:00 am and dark outside.


The streets are quiet.


My cat is sleeping nearby on her blanket, atop the book case. My gal, in the bed behind the closed door.


It is warm. The air is heavy in the house.


I am listening to the news, the voices are muffled over the low pitched noise of the humming fan, on the end table by my desk.


The coffee maker beeps, beeps, beeps…it is telling me that the warming plate below the pot is about to switch off.


I do not care for the sound of its alarms.