The world makes no sense, its shadows melting into greater darkness

Welcome the sun to the stage, pale in the morning when it rises

Crashing waves of light, expose what is hidden, pierced on bright hooks

The sun is just another player drawn-up from the dark, to dance the final act

The locus of light, magnified on the spot, like a brilliant deception

How can I express the certainty in my heart, as it catches fire

Every single nerve burning along its branches, the body electric

The heat of the spirit, freed through the long crawl over the horizon

Lifted to another plane, beyond banality and all dichotomy

A lucid Caravaggio at the canvass, in the dawn


Washed in morning light
Sparrows in flight spread their wings
Their flock fluttering

The wind bites my cheek
It’s cold-bright lash whipping me
I walk in the sun

The furies watch me
Crawl into the broken shell
Hollow, as the heart

There is no shelter
From their chiding barbs
The Erinyes

My misconceptions
Empty as the barren womb
As the empty tomb

Promises of life
Bathed in spring rain, streaming cold
By the garden, greening

Murmurs of laughter
Bubble, burst in the light
Nonsensical, trite

The creative will
Burning for the deity
In the morning sun

Observation – May 4th, 2019, Saturday

The sky is gray and cloudy in the big city
New York, the air is filled with a fine mist
People fill the streets early and traffic is humming
Going to and from their jobs early in the morning
A fireman stands in traffic and shouts
His booming voice bellowing for the taxi to STOP!
As he guides the big-rig into the garage
Beneath a tall building a half a block away
On 13th and 4th

Observation – October 3rd, 2018, Wednesday


It is 3:45 am, there are lights flashing outside my window
They are cherry and berry blue, spinning fast on the bar
Of an ambulance and a firetruck, chirping in the night
Small bursts of noise blurting from their sirens

It is a normal morning on Bryant, across from the home
Kitty jumps down from the window where she had been
Perched on the lookout for creatures moving of the night
The rabbits and fox, and the bushy raccoon


Sunrise in pastels
The pale melody of Dawn
Pink-violet fire

The lake, un-rippled
Capturing the softest shades
A silver mirror

In still life portrays
Beauty surpassing knowledge
A goddess of light

Goddess, beyond time
Seizing the divine, rapture
Grace, in the pure-land

Soft now, she rises
Prismatic-brilliance, light
Across the still plane

Radiant vision
Pale gold in the morning, bright
Rising to her touch

Ecstatic moment
The sorcery of desire
Love’s inspiration

An angel en-fleshed
Sweet as the rose in morning
Quiet and lonely

The Earth-bound goddess
Daughter of Hope, beloved Dawn
Sister to the Sun


Observation – May 3rd, 2018, Thursday


Spring came and it is warm in the house
The hum of the fan mutes the sound of the TV
Of traffic, of Kitty purring, of my lady sleeping
Breathing, in the early morning, minutes from rising

The dark is just beginning to break outside the window
The faintest blue line is stretching across the horizon
Tree bud are popping, the Earth is respiring
Beneath a soft blanket of dew



Sit at the window
Stare at the wet gray morning
The streets strewn with trash

Contemplate the storm
The darkened rush of pain, slips
The rain moving on

A broken column
The great tree, scorched and limbless
Bursting at its roots

The electric flash
A conflict of heat and light
Summoned from the Earth

The park grounds are filled
With mud and mire, swamp water
Worms crawl and slither

The deluge ending
A breakfast for the robins
Feast for the sparrow

Emergence 3.0 – Section One, Jim and Kathy; Part One, A Private Sorrow, Chapter Two: Morning

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – One Page Per Day
Day 009, Tuesday
January 9th, 2018

Chapter Two: Morning

“Small coffee, please;” Jim orders.

“Soy chai, thank you;” says Kathy.

They sit together at a table by the window of the storefront. They sit with the sun to their backs.

It is clear to Kathy that there is something urgent taking place with Jim, but nevertheless they carryout the mechanics of their routine as if it were a normal day, and a normal visit between the two of them.

They read the newspaper, and surveil the crowd

In that at least, this is a morning like any other morning.

The café is busy.

They are together, and they are not together, at the same time. They are both, in the crowd of people, and completely isolated at one and the same time. It is not unusual, this distance has always characterized the way they interact with each other.

It was both intimate and strange.

It was the way Jim related to her, and it was something Kathy never questioned.

Time passes in silence, more than usual.

They are quiet, then Jim begins to weep.

It takes some time before Kathy even notices.

If Jim were any other person in the world she would have known he was crying before the tears even fell.

She was quietly alarmed. She had never seen such a display of emotion from Jim before.

“What is wrong with you?” Kathy asks, sounding scared and judgmental at the time.

Jim says, nothing at all.

He just looks at her, and looks through her for a long moment.

He will not say why.

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