Observation – June 4th, 2019, Tuesday

There is the soft light of morning in late spring

The solstice is approaching, summer will soon be in full swing

A bus rumbles by the window, the number 4, rolling down Bryant

The noise filters in through the window screen, with a cool breeze.

Kitty licks a spot of butter from her paw

A dog is barking on his morning walk

People are stirring on their way to work

The birds have grown quiet for the rush hour

Contra Dissonata

There is one reality, its nature is singular.



We are one creation, the living universe.


The uni-verse is.


It is, we are, one word, one story, one saga, one song, one epic poem; all of time and space is one.


It is a story filled with tragedies, but it has a comic end.



We are a singularity.



The rhythm of the universe encompasses all things, all beings.


Its music fills every space.


There is no place where it cannot be heard, felt, calling us to the event horizon, to awareness and transcendence.



The collected voice of humanity, the choir Earth, our movement, is merely a tiny part in the great work that is the opera of creation.



Planet Earth bright and blue, soaring through the Milky Way, is but a dust-mote in the eye of the infinite.


We are small players in the cosmic symphony, and yet, and yet, it would not be the same without us.



If we do not understand who we are, do not understand what role we play, our part in the greater whole, when we raise our voices in song, the music we contribute will be dissonant, arrhythmic, it will be fatal; like a heart attack.


If our perspective is askew, if we cannot hear the true note, if we are self-absorbed and tone deaf, we will not hear the celestial music playing in our heart, we will not raise the harmonious cord.


We will not be able to live in peace, with ourselves or with any other.



Small as we are, our voices have power, we speak with the power of creation. Each and every moment of our lives contributes to the reality of the whole, imbued with the power to re-shape it.



There is no conflict between good and evil, not from the perspective of the good, the infinite and the eternal. There is only movement, from ignorance to understanding, from sorrow to joy, from alienation to acceptance, from fear to faith.


Dissonance, discord and dysrhythmia, these will always be with us. They are in the human heart, written there, in scripts that are both small and large.



How do we stand against it?


How do we resist? The answer is this…we do not.



We do not crush dissonance, we resolve it.


We cannot drown-out a noisome discord by generating a greater noise, like armies clashing on the battlefield.


That is cacophonic.


We must score another movement all around it, incorporating its rhythm into the greater whole.



We are called to forgive and move on.


As the Rabbi said:


Do not resist the evil doer

Pray for those who persecute you

Turn the other cheek

Walk the extra mile


Walk in the way of the wise, beating the drum, and strumming the harp, dancing as you go.


Contra Dissonata.

Observation, December 2nd, 2017, Saturday

It is noisy at the airport at 6:00 am

The plane to New York promises to be full

The smell of perfume is think in the waiting area

I am sitting next to a Buddhist, wearing the saffron and ochre robes

Of Gottama, of the philosopher, of St. Katherine

The crowd in the terminal are speaking in tongues

In the tongues of humankind, though undoubtedly

There are angels among us, a one-armed man walks past me

There is a ball of fire climbing over the horizon

Casting light on the moon in its fullness

There is a buzz of activity beyond the window

Flickering orange and red, and green

I am waiting patiently to take flight

Observation – February 2nd, 2017, Thursday



There is a blanket of white noise over everything


It is the humidifier in my apartment, droning


It is the news cycle Trumpeting, trumpeting


The outrage of billionaires…wailing like babies


Demanding, white power, white privilege


There is a blanket of white noise over everything


The humidifier in my apartment is useful


It helps me breathe


The trumpeting of demagogues is smothering me