A young woman weeps
Celestial Madonna
The mother of faith

A mother’s tears fall
The young woman is pregnant
Madonna alone

Madonna crying
A mother grieves in darkness
Young woman with child

A young woman wails
The Madonna becoming
The mother of hope

Mother is moaning
A young woman hides her pain
Madonna of life

Madonna of groans
The mother’s dreams crash in waves
The young woman’s fate

Young woman rising
Madonna of dust and sand
The loving mother

Mother of the wind
A young woman praying, Ru’ha
The blind Madonna

Madonna breathing
Mother whispers to her child
The young woman speaks
She is the stranger
The girl is an alien
Her child illegal

She has no recourse
No standing before the law
They are refugees

The mother and child
Our salvation is with them
In being with them


A cloud of unknowing, the divine ascent


Following the way of Jacob, Israel


Rung by rung, his handprints and mine


Mindful in the morning light


Mindless in the deepening night, and mad


I find a self I never knew


In darkness…in the deep of night


In silence, but for Ruha whispering


A forgotten name whistling in the ear


Gentle, ephemeral brushing through my hair


The wind had the number every strand


Darkness…I remember you


Descending like the shroud


Grieving in the cold, and lonely places


In the secret chamber of my heart


Covered and clouded, and washed in the rain


Buried and reborn


Darkness…I was a fool, I never knew you


Fragile…I could not bear you


Restless…I would not endure you.


There is a ladder; on a tower, atop its parapet


In a city, by a vineyard where old drunkards sleep


Lying naked beneath the sun


There is a vine, upon a trellis


Roots stretched far into the earth


In the dark cool soil that is life


There is fruit upon the vine


The apex of ascent, pluck it


Be plucked, taste of it, and change