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Defending the leadership of Donald Trump has become a cottage industry, Mayors and governors, businessmen and ministers, ordinary men and women are willing to risk their lives, the lives of their family, friends and neighbors, all prop up the pretense that Donald Trump is faultless.

What a ridiculous sham.

Shame on anyone who even whispers that T-Rump should not be held accountable for his gross ineptitude, his complete inability to comprehend the scope of the problem we are facing, which begins with him and his ignorance.

One hundred thousand American’s or more will die from the COVID-19 coronavirus.

When we look back on this period of time we will see that the majority of those deaths could have been avoided through good crisis management, with proper preparedness, and temperant leadership.

I am reminded of what Senior Chief Fitzgivens said to me when I was a young HN (Hospitalman) in the Navy.

Remember the five P’s: proper planning prevents poor performance.

I regret that not even a little bit of that wisdom is being employed now.

Last night the CDC made a recommendation that all American’s wear a face mask of some kind when they leave the house, and Donald Trump got up right after this and said that this was a voluntary recommendation, not a requirement and that he would not be doing it.

We need to do this.

He didn’t need to say anything about his intentions, he could have just let the recommendation stand, but the president is too stupid to do even that little bit.

Donald Trump and his malfeasant administration represents an existential threat to the United states of America.

He needs to be removed from office, the longer he remains in that position the more American’s will die.

Somebody needs to lead.

Trump’s Indifference is Evil – Editorial, The Week in Review

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Trump’s Indifference is Evil

I do not use the word evil lightly, in fact I rarely use it at all, because most of the crimes people commit against each other, happen because someone is not in their right frame of mind.

What T-Rump has been doing, and what his son has been saying, what the other sycophants around have been repeating is being done willfully, not from a place of ignorance, they are sewing confusion, spreading lies, and people will lose their life because of it.

Donald Trump is scared to death of being held accountable for the recent collapse in the stock market, and to a lesser degree he fears being charged with responsibility for the spread of the coronavirus.

He is indifferent to the suffering of his fellow Americas, he does not care if they get sick and die, he only cares about whether or not it makes him look bad, if it puts a spotlight on his incompetence and this is truly evil.

Donald trump Jr. came out and said that Democrats want millions of Americans to fall just in order to hurt his daddy.

T-Rump’s chief of staff Mick Mulvaney called the media coverage of this public health crises a hoax, and he blamed the fact that T-Rump didn’t act faster on the impeachments proceedings that took place last month.

T-Rump himself has begun to call the looming crises a hoax, and then he passed the buck for managing it to his Vice President Pence, because the president doesn’t want to be bothered with the details.

He doesn’t want the Center For Disease Control to manage it, he doesn’t want doctors and scientists to tell the American people the truth, or to order that measures be taken that T-Rump believes will disrupt trade, disrupt the markets, and reflect badly on himself.

He has been told that his measures are not only inadequate, but counterproductive, the poor choices his administration has made of led to spreading the disease, not stopping it, and he does not care if people die.

Donald Trump is evil, his indifference is evil.

He must be removed from office.

Humiliation – Editorial, The Week in Review

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Another week and another humiliation perpetrated on the United States by the Fake President, Donald J. Trump.

This week he declared victory again in Syria, even while the defense department explained to us that United States troops would not be leaving Syria after all.

It is humiliating, not because we are being lies to, but because we are being asked to accept the lies which the orange menace spews for the sole purpose of placating his fragile ego.

He declared victory over The Islamic State, even while we are being told that one hundred or more ISIS fighters have escaped from the prisons they were being held in by our former allies, the Syrian Kurds. At the same time we have also been told that Turkey is using irregular troops, mercenary units comprised of former ISIS and Al Qaeda fighters to engage in the pogrom of ethnic cleansing against our Kurdish allies.

T-Rump blithely told the Kurds that they should leave their towns and cities, places where they have lived for centuries, he said that they should give up their homes, abandon them to the Turks, and move south in to the desert where we will protect them if they protect some scanty-little oil fields T-Rump mistakenly believes are of strategic interest to us.

It is humiliating for this pretender to the presidency to foist these irrational choices on a people who have given –up over ten thousand men, lost in battle, supporting our cause against ISIS.

T-Rump suggests that we should not actually care about them or their sacrifice because “they are not all good people.”

Well nobody is “all good.”

Pity us, we have bad actors in the White House, the chief of which is the Fake President, we have bad actors in congress, all of those Senators and Representatives who get up on the microphone every day and lie to the American people in order to curry favor with that wannabe tyrant.

It is humiliating that our government can be so low…

Political Courage – Editorial, The Week in Review

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Political Courage
Finally we have witnessed some political courage.

Former ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch testified in front of the House Intelligence Committee against the orders of the State Department, and the wishes of Donald Trump.

Ambassador Yavanovitch is still employed by the State Department, but in her wisdom she chose to acknowledge the authority of a House subpoena and testify, choosing to ignore the illegal demand from the Secretary of State that she defy the Constitutional privilege of the Congress to exercise oversight on the executive branch.

It just took a little bit of political courage, some honesty, and some common sense.

There are other State Department Employees and Foreign Services Officers who have said they will follow this example, together they will peel the lid back on this corrupt administration and expose their criminal machinations for the bribery and extortion rackets, T-Rump and his cronies have turned our foreign policy into.

Every other member of this administration who love Amercia, who believes in democracy, who respects the Constitution and cares about the oath they swore to protect it must follow suit.

Turn over the documents that have been subpoenaed by congress, show up and testify if you have been called. Forget about the phony claims of executive privilege and so-called “blanket immunity” that have been asserted, those claims and assertions are all outside the law.

Be a hero, stand-up, perform the duties of your office; do it for the sake of America, forget about you allegiance to the orange menace who occupies the oval office; remember, he has no allegiance to you, to this country, or the rule of law.

Overreach – Editorial, The Week in Review

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We have to be careful not to overreach.

Not just those who are seeking to be nominated by the Democratic Party, to be our candidate for President, it is not just those people who have to be careful not to overreach, we all have to be careful not to overreach, not to expect them to overreach just to satisfy our desire to have a candidate who says the things we want to hear:

1. Take the Assault Weapons Away
2. Universal Health Care
3. Universal Basic Income
4. Universal Pre-K
5. Universal Higher Education
6. Medical Debt Forgiveness
7. Student Loan Forgiveness
8. The Green New Deal
9. Impeach Donald Trump

I want all of those things, but almost none of those things issues to campaign on.

I know a lot of people disagree with me, a lot of my friends especially, and they are right to assert that the role of President is to articulate a vision that leads the country forward, not back or sideways, or a vision that has us standing still.

Be mindful of this, and don’t put the cart before the horse.

The campaign for the presidency is much different than the presidency itself, and our candidates would do well to hold back on their more spectacular ambitions until that have not only won the nomination, but won the office. Because, the campaign itself is just that, a campaign, it is a contest, and popularity is only one of the factors in it. A campaign is like warfare, the candidates have to take ground and hold. This is both literal and figurative, the candidates have to win the hearts and minds of people, they have to engage the people in culturally and geographically diverse communities all across the country, they have to win the hearts and minds and hold them, and it is not just the presidency that is online, it is also the control of congress, and redistricting after the 2020 census.

This is an important year in American politics.

In the current media environment the party primaries are extensions of the national campaign, we cannot play the old game of pandering to the base, then tacking to the middle. That will not work, and some of the leading candidates will shun the middle no matter what.

Moderation and centrism are dirty words among political activists, I hear the pundits talk about how boring such policies are, and that the people will not turn out for a candidate that does not excite them.

As much as it may be true, it is also the wisdom of fools.

Pay attention.

Beto is right, we should have a mandatory buy-back program for assault rifles, but he is politically in-astute to say it. Such legislation would fail in congress, if put forward as an executive order it would lose in the courts. In taking this bold position he has only succeeded in bringing a losing issue to the forefront of the campaign. It does not matter that he is right, or that he is attempting to lead, because a policy that goes nowhere, that cannot go anywhere, those policies are not leading anything.

We have to exercise the same type of caution for the rest of the wish list that is at the forefront of Democratic Party ideals.

Democrats are mistaken if they think they will get somewhere by pulling one another into the morass of policy initiatives that most American’s find dubious, murky, full of uncertainty, and give them pause to doubt.

We do the people a disservice by campaigning on policies which any reasonable observer of government knows will not make it through the legislative process.

Speaking in general about the ideals which inform those policies is much more important.

Remember, the voters are not going to go to the ballot box and vote for a plan, they are going to vote for a person, who they feel understands them, who they feel a connection with, one that they can relate to; right or wrong that is the way it is.

Don’t overreach, don’t get out over your skis, don’t advance beyond the line; bring the whole country with you, one step at a time.

Pity the Fool – Editorial, The Week in Review

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Pity the Fool
The President of the United States is an embarrassment, you know it, and deep inside he knows it to.

Donald Trump is completely unqualified to hold the highest elective office, he ran for it on a lark thinking it would help his failing businesses and brand, but with the help of the Russian’s he squeaked out a victory in the electoral college and rose to that position.

Now both his brand and the reputation of the United States is in tatters.

He has embraced a host of vicious dictators, because they are adept at flattering him, and he has alienated us from our allies, who seem him as intellectual incurious, even dumb if not floundering in the early stages of dementia.

He is corrupt in his heart and in his head.

He is an embarrassment, and that is the way we need talk about him. His presidency is a running tragedy for the country. If he wasn’t so loathsome, we could almost feel sorry him.

Pity the fool, as Mr. T used to say. I pity the fool.

What do we do with all of the obsequious fawns who grovel in front of him?

His political pawns like the Attorney General, William Barr, his stooges like Senators Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham, the spineless career people working in the executive branch who lie to the American people to cover up T-Rump’s lies and blunders.

Let the histories be written, and let their name be shit.

Donald Trump is an embarrassment, he is a national disgrace, the butt of a thousand jokes, but there is nothing funny about him.

He is a criminal, and he must be removed from office, January 20th, 2021 may be too late.

To Impeach or Not to Impeach – Editorial, The Week in Review

To Impeach or Not to Impeach
Not a week goes by that I do not hear this question being asked, with more and more lawmakers answering the question in the affirmative, Donald trump needs to be impeached.

This week alone the news revealed that the Attorney General, William Barr booked a $30,000 holiday party at a T-Rump property.

Donald Trump put forward the notion that he would schedule next year’s G7 Summit at his Doral golf course in Florida.

He continues to promote his private interests over and above the security of the country.

He made of fool of himself on the national stage, practically begging the other world leaders to allow Russia back into the G7, making it the G8 again. The rejected his appeals.

He told his agencies to move forward with the rapid seizure of land along the southern border to facilitate his vanity project, the T-Rump Wall. He encouraged them to break the law if they had to promising to pardon them afterward if they did.

He revealed classified photos of an Iranian missile site, and while as commander and chief he has the right to do so, he did it to grandstand and put our security at risk in the process.

The man is a menace.

Impeach him now.

Impeach him and let the Senate determine his fate, force Mitch McConnell and the republican party to deal with their collective shame.

Those who argue that we should wait, that we should let the election next year sort things out, those people are not taking seriously the harm this man can do on any given day that he occupies the oval office.

The Trump presidency represents an existential threat to our democracy and to the republic.

Impeach him.

Read below, the Congressional Oath of Office

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

The current occupant of the White House attacks the Constitution of the United States on a daily basis. Fulfill your oath, protect the Constitution.

We cannot wait for him to be voted out of office, we cannot wait for the damage he will undoubtedly do to the country between election day 2020, and inauguration day 2021. We are in a constitutional crises right ow people.

The fake president must go.

Keeping it Real – Editorial, The Week in Review

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Keeping it Real
Please remember, all the racial animus that T-Rump is stirring up is meant to distract from the testimony Robert Muller will give before congress next week.

All the back and forth, every despicable word, every outrage is a calculated designed to dominate the news cycle.

This is true of his warmongering with Iran as well.

Reports are coming out that T-Rump is privately more hawkish than he has let on, he wants us to be thinking of anything other than him on the day Muller sits down to testify.

Keep it real.

The man is a monster, he is a criminal, he is utterly contemptible, he needs to be removed from office.


There is no rationalizing with T-Rump or those who support him. They do not care about reason, rationality, truth, or facts. They are guided neither by ethos or principle. They are not conservatives, they are not libertarians, like T-Rump they have no convictions, there is only this moment, and the demands of the ID right now.

Keep the energy focused on T-Rump and his crimes, the crimes of family, his campaign and his administration. His lifetime of criminal fraud in business. Do not let them offer a defense, they have none, let’s not pretend they do.

Do not pretend that in any place other than a court room do we have to give T-Rump the benefit of the doubt and respect the presumption of innocence. T-Rump is not in a courtroom, he may never stand trial for the things he has done, therefore he must be convicted in the court of public opinion, where no-such presumptions exist.

He is a liar, call him out on his lies, do not give him any credence, do not even speak to him.

Keep his mouth shut.

Persuadable – Editorial, The Week in Review

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T-Rump held a rally in Michigan this week.

I guess he thought he had something to celebrate. He is probably out over his skis.

I won’t bother you with commentary on all the blather he spewed; foul-mouthed and delusional he articulated his litany of grievances, blamed other people for his problems, lied and dissembled, took credit for other people’s successes, or just made things up so that he could have something to brag about.

What was new was this: he made a change in one of his routines, in the call and response he engages his crowd in, and they were utterly persuadable, willing and ready to believe in his call.

“Lock them up!” They chanted, when he turned his ire on the press. “Lock them up!”

They have moved away from endorsing police action against Trump’s political foes, and moved into an endorsement of locking up T-Rump’s critics, anywhere, in any place, whoever they might be.

Those week minded fool’s.

They, the feckless collective they, T-Rump’s mob, they may as well be wearing brown-shirts. They are clearing the way for the wrecking ball. They will be cheering triumphantly as it crashes into our republic and tears our democracy down.

T-Rump appears to be fond of dictators, auto-crats, strong men and junta’s; he seeks Putin’s favor (he murders his critics in the press); he says he in love with North Korea’s Kim, they have no free press and T-Rump fawns over the coverage he receives; he likes Erdogan of Turkey who locks up journalists, and El-Sisi of Egypt who does the same.

Look out America, here he comes, the orange tyrant, descending on us like a plague.

Emergency, Danger America…Danger! – Editorial, The Week in Review

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Danger America…Danger!

Never mind, there is no danger, even in his speech from the Rose Garden yesterday Donald Trump could not keep the rationale for his declaration of a national emergency straight.

“There is a crisis at the border!” Followed by, “I didn’t need to do this right now.”

There is no crisis at the border, with the exception of the humanitarian crisis caused by the inhuman policies of the T-Rump’s administration.

Don’t panic, not over that. That does not mean you should not worry. The republicans in congress are enabling this mad-man, giving up every pretention that they have any core beliefs at all. They are allowing him to take the country over the cliff, and the American way is in tatters.

Even my father, who served twenty-two years in the military, Marine Corps and Airforce combined, and followed that up with a second career as a federal law enforcement officer, even he makes excuses for T-Rump, demands that people should respect him, simply because he is “Our President,” he does this with no shame even as T-Rump operates his criminal regime out of the house, demonstrating that he prefers the intelligence assessment of Vladimir Putin over our own institutions, on a host of issues pertaining to national security and our alliances. He gives that orange monster a pass while watches the man attack and undermines the institutions like NATO that have kept the world safe and which my father spent his entire life serving.

It is mystifying, and an example of how disgraceful rank partisanship can be.

How is it that roughly one third of country cannot tell that they are being lied to, they cannot tell, and the guy lying to them doesn’t even try to hide it, he just lies, and lies so profusely, that it all comes off like a bad joke.

Wake America, abandon this guy. It is time to put an end to this foolishness. What we are dealing with in Donald Trump, the challenges that his administration is putting the country through, it is not game.

It might feel like a game when you are having a friendly argument with your pals and your family members; issue a couple of witticisms, tell a couple of jokes, maybe you think you have scored a point or to if you successfully argue someone down.

But this is not a game, it is the American way of life that is on the line. It’s our constitutional republic, democracy itself that is at stake. We cannot allow the chief executive to usurp the authority of congress, to ignore the demands of the courts, to profit from his business dealings with foreign governments, and to sleep with the enemy.

Donald Trump is a traitor, he is an agent of the former head of the KGB. This is not a game, it is not a joke or some kind of weird comedy, it’s a tragedy, and there are lives hanging in the balance.