Observation – May 3rd, 2018, Thursday


Spring came and it is warm in the house
The hum of the fan mutes the sound of the TV
Of traffic, of Kitty purring, of my lady sleeping
Breathing, in the early morning, minutes from rising

The dark is just beginning to break outside the window
The faintest blue line is stretching across the horizon
Tree bud are popping, the Earth is respiring
Beneath a soft blanket of dew


Observation – November 2nd, 2017, Thursday

At 4:00 am the street outside my window


Is bright with electric light, Bryant Avenue


The refrigerator is noisy, click, rattle, hum


The floors have a different squeak to them


Deeper along the joists, a bus rolls by #4


Kitty is on her blanket, taking in her view


The wind in the maple blowing, leaves


Gathered by the stairs, there are no rabbits


On Bryant, but there are chip monks


With their striped fur, they are sleeping

She is waiting for them to wake

March 2nd, 2017, Thursday, Observation

It is 5:00 am and the city is stirring.

I have been awake for a few hours writing.

My cat is sleeping in the window,

Half lidded and watching.

There are rabbits on the lawn in the frosted morning.

The news is of the Attorney General lying,

Lying to the Senate under oath.

My lady is on the couch drinking coffee.

We are talking about the news, and wondering,

Is there a place for justice at the table in March.