To Impeach or Not to Impeach – Editorial, The Week in Review

To Impeach or Not to Impeach
Not a week goes by that I do not hear this question being asked, with more and more lawmakers answering the question in the affirmative, Donald trump needs to be impeached.

This week alone the news revealed that the Attorney General, William Barr booked a $30,000 holiday party at a T-Rump property.

Donald Trump put forward the notion that he would schedule next year’s G7 Summit at his Doral golf course in Florida.

He continues to promote his private interests over and above the security of the country.

He made of fool of himself on the national stage, practically begging the other world leaders to allow Russia back into the G7, making it the G8 again. The rejected his appeals.

He told his agencies to move forward with the rapid seizure of land along the southern border to facilitate his vanity project, the T-Rump Wall. He encouraged them to break the law if they had to promising to pardon them afterward if they did.

He revealed classified photos of an Iranian missile site, and while as commander and chief he has the right to do so, he did it to grandstand and put our security at risk in the process.

The man is a menace.

Impeach him now.

Impeach him and let the Senate determine his fate, force Mitch McConnell and the republican party to deal with their collective shame.

Those who argue that we should wait, that we should let the election next year sort things out, those people are not taking seriously the harm this man can do on any given day that he occupies the oval office.

The Trump presidency represents an existential threat to our democracy and to the republic.

Impeach him.

Read below, the Congressional Oath of Office

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

The current occupant of the White House attacks the Constitution of the United States on a daily basis. Fulfill your oath, protect the Constitution.

We cannot wait for him to be voted out of office, we cannot wait for the damage he will undoubtedly do to the country between election day 2020, and inauguration day 2021. We are in a constitutional crises right ow people.

The fake president must go.

Stand Up – Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

Stand Up

Under Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell the United States Senate is broken.

Party over country has become the political reality for republicans. The Grand Old Party is no more.

America is looking for four members of the senate to stand-up, to be heroes, to exercise their conscience in a spirit of independence and reject the influence of Donald Trump, of Vladimir Putin, of the House of Saud, of Qanon and white supremacy.

It will only take four of you; Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Ben Sasse, Mitt Romney, it will only take for you to reject the corrupt politics of Trumps fascism, to reject this criminal regime, to put a real check in place on this administration, to unseat the Senate Majority leader and restore sanity to United States government.

It is time for four of you, Joni Ernst, Lamar Alexander, Richard Burr, Tim Scott to stand-up and fulfill your oath of office, declare your independence and caucus with the democrats. The American people will think of you as heroes, history will reward you.

The future of our democracy is at stake.

Trump, Putin and the Ayatollah – Editorial, The Week in Review

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Trump, Putin and the Ayatollah

Difficult, the future is to see.

National Security Advisor, John Bolton has a long history of advocating for robust military intervention in Iran. He has a strong hand in shaping our military policy, if we are not careful a man like him can get us involved in a conflict that the majority of us do not want.

John Bolton believes that the United States should have an unfettered hand in exercising its military power; Iran, Syria, Venezuela, North Korea, Yemen, the Taiwan Straits, he advocates for an aggressive pursuit of what he perceives our interest to be.

When it comes to our military stance against Iran he echoes the interests of allies like the Netanyahu government of Israel, or the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These are relationships that Donald Trump is keenly interested in protecting, in advancing because of this you might think that the National Security Advisor would have a free hand in his efforts to get us engaged in conflict with Iran.

But for some reason he has been rebuked by Trump.

T-Rump has softened our approach with North Korea, against the recommendation of his National Security team. T-Rump has pulled us back from John Bolton’s more aggressive posture against the Maduro regime in Venezuela, and he has pulled us back from John Bolton’s adventurism in Iran.

I am not suggesting that the interference T-rump has been running against the National Security Advisor is based on any kind of firm policy position.

I am just noting that it has happened, and I am offering an explanation as to why.

The explanation is Vladimir Putin.

Putin supports the Maduro regime, and though the United States does not, T-Rump will not go head-on against Putin’s wishes.

Putin wanted us out of Syria, and so we left, leaving the Russians, who support the murderous Assad regime, and the Iranians, Assad’s long term allies, to fill the Vacuum.

In the same way T-Rump has bent over backwards to treat another ally of the Russian’s, North Korea, as if they were not the most wicked, most dangerous, most evil-totalitarian regime on the planet. T-Rump tell us that he and Kim Jong Un are in love.

Because of Putin’s long standing relationship with the Iranians you can be sure that T-Rump will not actually allow an invasion of that country to occur. The Russian’s don’t want that to happen, and so neither does he.

Now, I am not sure if I have this right. I think T-Rump would break any alliances, violate any treaty, subvert any pact, commit any crime to stay in power; as long as he sees something to be in his political interests he would even go against Putin, but right now that is a long way off.

Right now, Putin has no desire to see us invade Iran, and that explains why T-Rump rebuked John Bolton this week. Putin said no dice, let the ayatollah be.

Impeach Him II – Editorial, The Week in Review

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Impeach Him II
The Mueller report is in, but the work is not done. Congress must finish the job.

Impeach him!

Ordinary oversight of the Trump administration must continue, we must investigate his lies and crimes, both before he took office and after.

An impeachment inquiry must begin and the Mueller report is the guide to it.

There is a lot of ground to cover, and it makes no sense for the Democratic Party’s leadership in Congress to take impeachment off the table.

Impeach him, even if it does not mean he gets removed from office. The house of representatives has a duty to impeach this criminal, it does not matter if the senate will not vote to convict him.

Start the investigation in earnest and impeach the Fake President.

Clinton was impeached. He was not removed from office but he was impeached, and that is a permanent part of the record of his presidency.

Trump deserves no less.

Whatever the Democratic Party leadership fears, set it aside. The messaging on this is easy.

Trump deserves to be impeached: Impeachment is the ultimate censure, it is the ultimate rebuke, it can result in removing the President from office, but it does not have to. In fact it never has.

Impeachment without removal from office is still impeachment, and the things this man has done, mark him as the most corrupt president in the history of the United States. The house of representatives needs to impeach him, regardless of whether the senate will toss him out of office, or not.

Impeach him, get on with it.

The man has lied, suborned perjury, cheated, stolen, obstructed justice and abused power, and enriched himself from the offerings of foreign governments, princes and kings. He will not be indicted for his crimes while he occupies the oval office. Therefore he must be impeached.

Impeachment hearing must be held, Trump’s fitness for office must be debated on the floor.

Every congressperson must be forced to vote on it, and everyone in the senate has to be put on the record, stating unequivocally how much they value the principles of our democracy.

Speaker of the House Pelosi, and the rest of the leadership who are hedging on this question, they just need to learn how to tell the story. The narrative is easy, it makes sense.

Impeachment does not need to end with the Trump being expelled from office. Removing him from office is not the responsibility of the House of Representatives, impeaching him is.

The House should do its work, and then the Senate can do theirs.

Do it now.

Shortsighted – Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

Every week I see more evidence of just how shortsighted my people on the left side of the political spectrum are. So-called progressives, ply their phony activism and threaten to walk away from the political process if they do not get what they want from the Democratic Party, the DNC, the DCC, seeing the specter of boogie man in every corner.

They are possessed by the conviction of their ideals and they are content in their righteousness, never mind the political process, if they don’t get what they want they are threatening to stay home.

Friends of mine have been posting little political cartoons all week long to their social media accounts making these statements load and clear, drawing the battle lines, forget about winning the election next year, they want their serotonin boost now and so they poison the well with their diatribe.

Here is one a friend of my sent out there, and he thinks he is being clever. He is getting ready to justify his inaction, a year of commiserating over the fact that all of his good ideas, are being ignored.

Let me be clear; I share his values. He has good ideas. I want most of the same things. I want a green energy revolution. I want universal health care. I want universal education from pre-school to graduate school. I want student loan forgiveness. I want reparations, I want to honor all of our treaties with the First Nations, and to pay for every violation of them. I want Trump to be impeached, prosecuted and thrown in prison, I want all of that.

To get those things, to achieve that level of social justice, we have to be able o control the legislative process. We have to hold the House, win the Senate, win the White House, win more state houses and gubernatorial seats nationwide.

We have to win in blue districts and blue states, in purple ones and red ones.

We have to win, and we won’t win unless we hold it together.

I am against anyone who is sewing divisiveness in the democratic field. If you actually care about your progressive agenda work with the Democratic Party to get democrats elected, because you sure as hell aren’t going to get the Republicans to go along with you.

Impeach Him – Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

Impeach Him

I am not sure what is going on with the work that congress has undertaken to exercise oversight on the Trump administration, to investigate his lies and crimes, both before he took office and after.

There is a lot of ground to cover, and it makes no sense for the Democratic Party’s leadership in Congress to take impeachment off the table.

Clinton was impeached, though he was not removed from office he was impeached, and that is a permanent part of the record of his presidency.

Trump deserves no less.

Impeachment without removal from office is still impeachment, and the things this man has done, mark him as the most corrupt president in the history of the United States. The house of representatives needs to impeach him, regardless of whether the senate will toss him out of office.

The man has lied, suborned perjury, cheated, stolen, obstructed justice and abused power. He will into be indicted for his crimes while he occupies the oval office. Therefore he must be impeached.

Impeachment hearing must be held, it must be debated on the floor. Every congressperson must be forced to vote on it, and everyone in the senate has to be put on the record, stating unequivocally how much the value the principles of our democracy.

Speaker of the House Pelosi, and the rest of the leadership who are hedging, the just need to learn how to tell the story. Impeachment does not need to end with the Trump being expelled from office.

Impeaching Trump is step one and it is the responsibility of the House of Representatives. Expelling him from office is the responsibility of the Senate. If he is impeached and the senate elects to not throw him out, that is on the Senate. He will still have been impeached.

Do it now.

Power – Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion
Frank Herbert said: Power does not corrupt, it merely attracts the corruptible.

He wrote many insightful things about the human condition in his great collection of Science Fiction, the Dune books, and others. The first time I read those words they resonated with me, and I knew he was right.

Like moths to the flame, the corruptible are attracted to power, it is lamentable that like moths, they do not burn up when the fly to close to it.

Frank Herbert also said this:

Most people never participate. They get by on little more than dumb persistence, reacting with anger and even violence, at anything that might come along to disrupt their resentment filled lives of mediocrity.

Look at the American electorate, look at crowds of people who gather to listen to the orange villain speak, listen to him channel their anger, watch it grow in response to him, in its vile, vituperative, vicious feedback-loop.

T-Rump in the exemplar, sine qua non, he is the unparalleled archetype of the first piece of wisdom offered by the sage, Frank Herbert.

This ridiculous buffoon shot from his mother’s womb like a steaming pile of corrupt filth, demonstrating throughout his life his obsessive need for congratulation, and adulation and the love of the crowd that you have to wonder if he was ever loved at all.

I think his mother must have seen what he would become and rejected him from the start, without realizing how her own neglect would shape him into the monster that he has become.

Did you read the report in the New York Times on the lifetime of corruption and fraud he and his family have pursued, and lied about, the hundreds of millions of dollars he squandered of his father’s fortune, finally, robbing his father of it when he was disabled with dementia, by forcing him to sign a codicil to his will.

We have a fixed number of constitutionally appointed officers and office holder outlined in our constitution. We have three branches of government and their roles are fixed.

These are the bright flames of power, that attract the corrupt people like T-Rump, yes, his corruption is obvious, you can see it dripping from him as he salivates when he throws his tantrums on the stage.

Let’s talk about the corruption of people like Susan Collins the Senator from Maine. She got in front of the camera yesterday and gave a speech about the nominee for the Supreme Court, in which she pretended to be reasonable in her acceptance of all the lies that the nominee told the senate, both this year, and in past years when he had previously sought confirmation for a judicial appointment, to the federal bench, and to the court of appeals.

The man told bold face lies; about his role in the Bush administration in drafting the legal rationale for torture, about his receipt and use of e-mails that had been stolen from the opposition party in the senate, about his knowledge of the sexual harassment and inappropriateness of a judge he clerked for, who resigned his post over his behavior; he lied about his own habits, his drinking in high school and in college, about the parties he attended, about the meaning of passages written in his yearbook, about his nickname Bart, about his own sexual conduct and misbehavior. He lied about when he knew about the allegations that came from his second accuser, Debby Ramirez, telling the Judiciary Committee that he learned about it when the story appeared in the paper, while at the same time his former classmates were coming forward with texts messages from him and he PR team, weeks before, pushing them to adopt a narrative to refute Debby Ramirez’ claims.

He lied, he ranted, he raved, he treated his nomination like it was an entitlement, rather than the honor and the privilege it is.

Susan Collins got up and in her speech, whitewashed the entire record. She asked the American people to believe that she does not know when she is being lied to, and to in turn accept her lies in asking us to believe it.

She did what the rest of the Republicans in the Senate did, their colleagues in the house, the President and all their supporters did; they foisted a con on the American people, a scam, they screamed and whined, and they told us the most obvious lies, all of it pouring out of their mouth like vomit, from the corrupt place inside of them where all of their self-loathing lies.

They did not do this for love of country. They did not do this because they think this will make America a better country to live in, a more descent country to live in, a more hopeful country to live in, or more just.

They did it because they think and believe in their collective rotten-heart that this vote today, this vote for Kavanaugh, is the path for them to retain the power that they covet.
On the campaign trail, the MAGA voter, the T-Rump sycophants, they eat it up, proving the latter thesis offered by the wise Frank Herbert.

They give no thought to what it means to let such a man onto the highest court in the land; a political partisan, an ideologue, a hack; a man who perjured himself to get confirmed, a man who once assaulted a fifteen year-old girl, and who could not find it in his hear to apologize, seek forgiveness and move on.

The MAGA voter only wants to see their Dear Leader win, to experience his victory vicariously, even while he pushes them down, stands on their backs, to bask in their applause.

T-Rump has taken to vilifying the survivors of sexual assault, of rape, to mock them and ridicule while his crowds cheer. He has brought the country low, and he seeks to bring it lower still, counting on the anger of his followers, their rage and their violence to keep it there.

We must resist

It is one month until the election, we must resist.

Anonymous – Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

There has been a lot said in the past few days about the anonymous op-ed published in the New York Times, attributed to a senior Trump administration official, talking about the amoral and corrupt character of Donald Trump.

It said he is a danger to the nation, and to the world. That he has no understanding of or regard for the law. It said he is woefully ignorant and worse, that he doesn’t know it and he doesn’t care to know it.

It dished a whole lot of dirt about Donald Trump, dirt that most of the country already knew was true.

I knew he was ignorant, amoral and dangerous even before he announced his candidacy for President of the United States.

How is it that it took so many other people a year and half into his daily displays of completely self-absorbed maleficent-madness to figure this out?

What could any of those people have been thinking when they signed up to serve in his administration? Were they thinking that he wouldn’t be utterly self-serving? When he refused to divest himself of his holdings, were they thinking it was okay that he breach the emoluments clause of the constitution every day, enriching himself and his family everyday with monies from foreign princes and powers for hotel rooms and gold course dues. What have they been thinking ever day that he spends on the golf course, or shut into his room having his “executive time.”

What are any of them thinking?

Donald Trump and his criminal regime represent an existential threat to our democracy and way of life. Not only because of his gross ignorance, or his deep-desire to acquire and hold on to power at any cost. He is a danger to our democracy because seeks to destroy or institutions and norms, whatever they might be if he believes that honoring them will reflect poorly on him, and this is the case every day, every single day he does and says disgraceful things that undermine the dignity of the office.

Every single day he appears to be digging a deeper hole in regards to his penchant to obstruct justice, to use the levers of power that reside with the President to go after his political opponents.
He abuses his power to attack the free markets, free enterprise, the free press, undermining the rule of law, demanding loyalty to himself over and against the constitution.

That is who he is.

How is it that the anonymous author of that op-ed could not see it, well in advance; because he or she and the other people they claim to represent, are just as self-serving as him.

The idea that they are serving the country by operate some kind of “shadow” government is the biggest lie of all.

We only have one president, that man is incapable of fulfilling the duties of his office. Je is guilty of many serious crimes, high crimes and misdemeanors.

He needs to be removed from office.

They Could Have Been Heroes – Editorial, The Week in Review

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They Could Have Been Heroes
I have been thinking this week about the passing of John McCain, as many Americans have.

I learned a lot about him that I did not know before, my respect for has grown considerably; my respect for his service, and his audacity, my appreciation for the regard his colleagues held him in, and for work done by his foundation all around the world.

Much of the last two years of his political life have also been impressive, much but not all. His vocal opposition to Donald Trump has been much appreciated, but in my view it required more of common sense and a commitment to decency than courage. This is not to say that John McCain did not possess personal courage, he did, he had it in spades, but political courage is a different matter, and it is hard to believe we apply the word courage to politics at all.

I am grateful to him, as an American, for resisting Trump and the rest of the Republicans when they tried to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, but it is not lost on me that McCain voted for the Trump Tax Plan.

I am also grateful for the way in which he has organized his funeral rite, knowing that the eyes of the country, and of the whole world would be on this moment. He has coordinated the symbolism in a way that recall the very best of the American tradition. The words and images are replete with calls for unity, bi-partisanship, service and honoring our common traditions and the institutions that hold us together.

Though I am mindful of the fact that in his own campaigns, especially in his latest campaign for his senate seat, he also beat the drum of divisiveness, vilified immigrants, blew the horn of jingoism, and sucked at the teat of identity politics.

John McCain could have done more to stand up to the most corrupt, Anti-American, and criminal regime we have ever scene.

He could have ended his days in the senate as the hero we are making him out to be, the people who are praising him this week have the opportunity to do it now.

They could be heroes if they chose to be, they could exercise some political courage, though I would just call it decency; they could if they abandon Mitch Mc Connell and Paul Ryan and the feckless Republican leadership, turn independent and hand the reigns of power over to the Democrats now.
They could be heroes, they could do it today.

In a very short amount of time we are going to look back on the period of the trump presidency, and we are going to be able to see it for what it was, just a minor fad in popular politics, one that was promoted by a corrupt foreign influence, played on the fears of the diminishing majority, seized the levers of power, and played itself out with disastrous consequences.

Trumps disapproval rating is at an all-time high.

People are abandoning the Republican Party, among those who are remaining, who still give vocal support to the Trump, half of them already don’t believe the things they say, they just don’t want to admit that they were wrong. They would rather make excuses, cross their fingers and hope for a brighter tomorrow. They are like gamblers who can’t walk away from the table when the chips are down.

Trump will be left with the support of less than ten percent of the people, history will not be kind to him, he may very well end up prison, whether or not he is impeached.

The Republicans Office holders and politicians, especially those who were in a position to do something, the who had a responsibility to hold Trump accountable but failed to do it, because they were cowards (there is such a thing as political cowardice), they are going to look back on this moment, see it for the grotesque fad that it was and they are going to be filled with regret.

They could have been heroes, but they buried their head in the sand, they refuse to watch the destruction of their party, to the harm that one man in that one office is doing to the nation, and because they fear to their hold own power, they have sacrificed their dignity, and subordinated their legacy to the whims of an insecure and gluttonous, self-serving despot.

And they could have been heroes. They still could be…if

Conscience – Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

It is time for all people of good conscience to abandon this president, if you ever supported him for any reason, or even just hoped that he would bring something new and different to the politics of our country, you must admit that you were wrong, give up those hopes and abandon him.

It is time for all people of conscience to abandon their support for the party that Donald Trump represents, for the party that supports him. If you call yourself a Republican, if you have voted for the republicans in the past, you must in good conscience disavow your support for that institution.

If you are an office holder with an R next to your name, it is time to put an end to your feelings of shame, change that R in for an I, go Independent and reclaim your dignity. Donald Trump does not deserve your support, he is a disgrace. No one is asking you to give up your values, but it is time that you allow control of congress to shift to the party out of power, so that this corrupt and criminal regime may be subject to fair and judicious oversight.

Do it now.

Have some courage.

Do not wait for mid-terms.

Let the wave begin, it may just help you save your seat.

Let your conscience be your guide.

If you have ever sworn an oath, to uphold and defend the United States of America, our constitution and our way of life, if you are a person of good conscience you will do this now.

All of our Veterans, of which I am one, every single office holder, and every person of has ever sworn the pledge of allegiance has a moral and ethical obligation to live up to their oath, and work to undo the harm that traitorous Trump, that Trump the treasonous is doing to our country.

Act now.